Wireless Speakers



  HMDX HX-P230BLA-EU Jam Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker


  • A powerful speaker delivering 360-degree of clear sound.
  • Connects wirelessly up to 10 metres away.
  • Works with all Bluetooth-enabled devices: smart phones, tablets or use 3.5 mm audio output.
  • Built in rechargeable battery - up to 4 hours playback.
  • Smart and compact design.

The Good

  • Its portable but still feels substantial, good build quality.
  • Excellent sound quality with a good deep bass.
  • Charges fast - 3hrs.
  • Provides the full 4 hours of continuous playback.
  • Very simple to setup - the product manual is well written.

The Bad

  • Some customers complain that the battery life is too short.


Customer Comments

I fully expected this little speaker to be tiny like one of those puny portable keyring speakers. Much to my surprise, it had a good weight, about the size of my fist, it's portable but still feels substantial.

The finish is a nice metallic green with glossy black trim, the buttons feel clicky, but they are responsive. It has a rubberised base allowing the speaker to steadily grip and prevent it from being accidently knocked off.

The sound quality over bluetooth is very good for a portable speaker. The bass is deep and you can hear the harmonics across the range without it getting tinny, popping or giving feedback. It has the capability of playing quite loud without loss of quality on its own merit (when volume is not determined by the source).

The range of the bluetooth is good, I was still able to listen without interference when I walked into the next room, but it couldn't quite cope any further and started to break up. It does say that it's capable of 30' range.

It takes about 3 hours for a full charge, and true to it's word provides the full 4 hours of continuous playback. If you connect via a Line In input you get even more playback at 12 hours! The speaker's own status is well indicated. A red and green LED light to indicate charge, power and low battery status. A blue LED light to indicate the bluetooth connectivity status.

The initial setup is very easy, the tiny manual was clear and concise, with the bluetooth pairing passcode clearly printed in several places. I was able to hook this up to my Samsung Galaxy S3 and Mac Mini no problems. I was even able to control pause and play from the speaker itself when played over bluetooth. Additionally the speaker also has volume up and down controls. Once paired up, and you won't typically need to set up the speaker again.

This gadget comes packed in a novel scented plastic jar, with a 1 year limited warranty and a micro USB charging cable. The jar itself can be used to transport the device and deter damage from being knocked around in your bag. The micro USB cable is very short, no more than 2 inches. In my opinion it's so short and given the weight of the speaker, it's impractical if you intend to charge from USB ports halfway up your computer tower or from a plug socket off the floor.

Please note that this does not come with a Line In cable or a USB plug adapter, but I have been able to use other third party plugs to charge this fine.

The only but rather big downside, is the very loud start up jingle it makes. It made me jump when I first switched it on and it doesn't look like there is a way to disable this. Additionally the volume appears to reset to a high a level when powering on. It also makes a loud beeping sound when in the process of connecting to a device, which is also off putting. Other than that, it really does perform well as a small but substantial speaker.

♦ ♦ ♦

This has to be my best purchase of 2014. The noise that comes out of this little beauty is unreal, as is the superb quality of that noise. No issues setting up wireless link with my phone, which took seconds, and everytime I switch it on I am amazed. I have a Bose Soundock costing ten times as much and this gives it a good run for the money. It's a steal, buy it.