BRITA Fjord Cool Midnight Blue Water Filter Jug Annual Pack


  • Takes MAXTRA filter cartridge for reduction in limescale, chlorine and other impurities.
  • Flip top through lid for easy one-handed filling.
  • 1.5L filtered water capacity, 2.6L total capacity. Conveniently fits in your fridge door.
  • Featuring 'Memo' cartridge exchange indicator to remind you to replace your filter cartridge.
  • Soft grip handle and non-slip base.
  • Dishwasher safe (excluding lid).
  • 12 MAXTRA filter cartridge supplied.

The Good

  • Great tasting water.
  • Great price for a years supply of great water.
  • Easy to fill great design.

The Bad

  • None.

Customer Comments

 I bought this water filter to clean-up tab water before filling it into my Nespresso. Mainly I wanted to get rid of limescale so it doesn't clog up the machine and that seems to work great.
However, I didn't notice a change in flavour and am not sure about health benefits.
I only use the filtered water since it is boiled when making coffee. I am not sure how bacteria-free the filter stays and thus rinse it once before every use. For daily use I just use the water the way it comes out the tab.
Generally this pack is much cheaper than buying the jug and replacement filters separately. I don't change the filter as often as recommended since I noticed it works well after the period indicated by Brita. The filters store well and I am sure this pack will last two years of even longer.

♦ ♦ ♦

This item with its 12 cartridges has to be a best value pack. The cheapest cartridge pack (which is not always the largest quantity of filters) that I have seen is three for £8 found both here on Google and in Tescos today. This jug and filters pack makes the jug costing just £1 extra. We have used these jugs/filters for several years as our water is both hard and poor testing which left scum in a tea or coffee cup. With the filter the water itself and the tea or coffee are beautifully clear and all taste far better than without. We do still get some scale build up around the lid after a while but the kettles are completely scale-free now as we no longer use tap water in them. When the lids get scaly, at this price you can afford to throw the whole jug away and use a new one. The replacement filters are very expensive and the so-called 'instruction manual' is just pink-bag/blue-bin fodder!