Binatone Terrain 750 Twin Walkie Talkie


  • Scan function allows the user to scan frequencies for other users on up to 968 channels
  • Range up to 5 miles (8 km) depending on environment and terrain
  • Volume control allows you to change the volume at the touch of a button
  • VOX tecnology integrated for hands-free conversations
  • Low battery indicator advises you when to recharge or replace the batteries

The Good

  • Far superior to the cheaper models.
  • Excellent reception.
  • Customers report the range works up to 5miles in open areas. The range does suffer in built up areas but reported to work up to a mile for some users.
  • Excellent functionality.
  • Good Build quality.

The Bad

  • Channels can be congested.


Customer Comments

Bought this as I have my workshop at the end of the garden so my wife can contact me handy and also when our boy goes playing outside - just in case - ans I have to say that I really like them - simple to use, only essential buttons to call, speak and setup. Keylock will be handy and the range of frequency combination is very handy. the sound is crystal clear. nothing bad to say about them so far - time will tell but very happy with this product so far...

♦ ♦ ♦

I would give these 6 stars if I could, they should be twice the price. I've been pondering over some two way radios for a while to save roaming charges abroad. We often go away with another couple who stay in a different apartment or hotel and can rack up some ridiculous charges sending texts and calling to arrange meeting up places and times. Also if the women folk go off mindless shopping whilst the men pass the time sat in bars, you can keep each other up to date with movements etc.
The deciding event was the National 3 Peaks which was completed this weekend. I read some reviews and settled on these but thought I wouldn't get much for £40 but they'd do. How wrong I was!
Set off from Ben Nevis Inn with one handset leaving the other with Dave the support driver. Line of sight went out of the window after only a few hundred yards and 1.5 miles in and numerous ridges and hills in the way I tried Dave. Clear as a bell he came back. At 4 miles in and 4000ft up I tried again thinking "no way".They're advertised at 8km range but I expected that would be line of sight in perfect conditions. Again clear as bell Dave came back. I only lost him right at the top where it levels out. Awesome performance.
Scafell next in thick mist at 2am and again they transmitted and received almost up to the summit. Snowdon next and worked fine just up to 100yds from the top. All 3 peaks were in thick cloud with driving rain so I had the handset in a snap bag, which didn't affect sound quality at all. Dropped it on some rocks but they're robust enough to keep working faultlessly.
Overall if you're looking for some two way radios under £50 then look no further. It's almost criminal that these are going for £40 and not more.