Cheetah Mounts APTMM2B Flush Tilt (1.3" Profile) TV Wall Mount Bracket for 32-65 inch (80-165 cm) LED, LCD and Plasma Flat Screen TVs Up To VESA 684x400 and 165lbs(75kg)


  • Fits Essentially All 32-65" (80-165cm) TVs up to VESA 684x400 and 165lbs (75kg).
  • Flush-Tilt design is only 1.3" from wall yet still tilts for better viewing and reduced glare.
  • Stronger with Less Metal GREEN design.
  • Fits all Masonry plus 16 And 24" Wooden Studs and allows for 3 degrees of Rotation Adjustment.
  • Includes a Twisted Veins 10' (3m) Braided High Speed with Ethernet HDMI cable and a 6" 3-axis Magnetic Bubble Level.

The Good

  • Includes a HDMI cable and mini spirit level.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Good sturdy build quality.

The Bad

  • None.

 Customer Comments

I installed this today for a new Samsung 32" LED TV. The frame assembles pretty easily (although the instructions were less than clear on which way round to mount the two upright supports), the nuts that hold the frame together seem to be an imperial size which is annoying.

I also had problems mounting the frame to a brick wall, the raw plugs that come with the kit are very low quality (ie. they spin in the hole you drilled for them - even though I used the right sized bit, drilled slowly and didn't use hammer action, they still didn't take), I had to use my own raw plugs in the end.

One last gripe, with my 32" TV you can see the frame quite easily unless you are standing dead in front of the TV. With today's thinner bezelled TV's 32" is right on the borderline of what I'd use this bracket for. It would be fine for 37"+ but I don't like being able to see the frame so easily.

On the positive side it's sturdy and easy to mount the TV on once the mounting frame is up. It's also good value (you get an HDMI cable and mini spirit level included) - or maybe this is a waste if you already have one.

 ♦ ♦ ♦

I've used a range of wall mounts in the past, including some apparently built to support an aircraft carrier.
It's difficult to argue with such mounts, as they strike a chord in any technically minded person for their wonderful engineering.
With the much lighter TV sets of today however, such engineering wonders are really not needed.
What is needed is a strong but easily handled mount, which provides a good and secure home for that precious flat screen.
That's where the Cheetah APTMM2B comes in.
It is a straight forward, no nonsense wall mount, easy to install and complete with all necessary hardware.
As well as all the appropriate screws, washers, spacers and wall plugs, this mount also comes with a rather nice high spec HDMI cable.
The mount needs to be assembled from the supplied pieces which is a quick and easy job requiring a screwdriver.
With a trusty power drill, just four holes in the wall are needed to take the heavy duty plugs and screws.
In minutes the mount is up and ready.
Attach the hangers to the back of the TV and hey presto, the job's done.
I bought two of these and have mounted a Samsung 47" LED and as Samsung 55" LED with no problems whatsoever.
The mount offers a reasonable degree of tilt adjustment and the TV can be easily positioned from left to right by sliding the hangers along the mount.
All in all, a very competent and user friendly mount at a cracking price.