Mega-Sonic Cat Repeller


  • Stops cats from fouling lawns and gardens and protects lawns, flowebeds, bird feeders and ponds.
  • Welfare-friendly, sophisticated detection system, which detects and repels cats without harming them.
  • 50% bigger coverage area than other models with PIR Sensor to maximise efficiency and increase battery life.
  • The UK's Number 1 Best Seller.
  • 2 Year Warranty.

The Good

  • Works well for approximately 66% of customers.

The Bad

  • May not work well for your particular situation.

Customer Comments

Cats just walk right in front of it. It doesn't work at all so a waste of money.

♦ ♦ ♦
To quote another 'famous' phrase. - "Does what it says on the tin". Cats ruining my grass is no longer an issue. Already had one of these for the back lawn which worked a treat now got another for the front. Cat do-do is no longer a problem. Even when I've forgot to turn the unit on, the cats 'know' not to venture into my garden. Just remember to turn it off when the kids are playing/ you're mowing the grass etc and on when you have finished otherwise the batteries don't last that long.
A great purchase. Very pleased.
♦ ♦ ♦
I was fed up with neighbours 2 cats using my back garden & borders as a toilet, so i googled it & ended up on amazon,I was skeptical at first but thought what the heck - worst thing is i end up throwing them at the cats to scare them,these turned up very fast, very well packaged & good instructions.

These worked for me instantly!! i got 2 repellers (battery no adaptor) & they are a lot bigger then what i expected,
I had to play with angle testing as one cat "was" insistant for one day, "was" hehe, my garden is roughly 45/50 foot an 20/25 across. I had to move some pot plants so as to not obscure the range, i made sure center of the sensor was 325mm off the ground an straight (this seemed to work fine) the other is 275mm
I do not know if this effects children - it should not as the mhz sonic range is outside of the human ear range, but if you do have kids over you could just walk over an turn them off before they go out

Plan their defeat...
1) try to keep the signal path unobstructed or aim it & watch it for a while to see if it goes off when it should not (although my huge fuschia does not seem to set it off)
2) you may have to adjust the angle, height or move them, try to cover the entry points of the marks (intruders) test the angles at dusk on yourself, have a beer n take your time - its worth it.
3) i got 4 9v for £5 from woolworths, as this now works i will be investing in a battery charger + Nimh re-chargeable batteries
4) "not my idea i read this" drink lotsa beer/water an wait til its dark an relieve yourself by the entry points or anywhere in the garden, combined with the repellers it will become a no go zone for them (nature says blokes only)
5) If someone is unhappy with the sonic repellers (a cat owner) explain this is the humane way rather then what some people use: rat poison(STRYCHNINE)anti freeze (ethylene glycol)phosphorous,Aspirin,Paracetamol, 22 caliber etc...
6) it is not okay for your animal to use my garden as a toilet as you would be unhappy if it were done to you, but then maybe you would find out just how infuriating it becomes then maybe your lack of understanding of empathy can be forgiven.