Breville VKJ142 Hot Cup



  • Breville's first generation hot water dispenser.
  • Fast boil 3 kW concealed element for maximum efficiency and easy clean.
  • Dispenses five cups without refilling so you only boil the amount of water you need.
  • No mess drip tray and easy to fill.
  • 1.5 litre illuminating water tank with extra-large rear water window.

The Good

  • Looks great and smaller than average kettle size.
  • Excellent economy item as it boils enough for just 1 serving at a time.
  • Dispenses boiling water.
  • Removes the risk of scalding oneself.

The Bad

  • Not suited to serving a few hot drinks at a time as it boils and dispenses one serving at a time.
  • The opening to pour water in could be a little wider to allow easier filling.
  • There is no flow regulator, you cant press the button to stop flow, it dispenses a set amount.
  • Its quite noisy.

Customer Comments

 We are much more impressed with the hotcup than we expected to be. I couldn't really see a need for it before it came but now I barely use my kettle at all as it's so much quicker and easier to use the hotcup.
It's very nice to look at and smaller than the average kettle. You fill it just like a kettle by lifting it off the base and popping up the lid. It hold 5 X 250ml "shots" of water.
It stays turned off until you need it, then you put a cup under the spout and press the button on top and it starts to boil a shot of water. It's fairly loud right at the end when it's dispensing the water and a bit sputtering but you have a cupful of boiling water in 50 seconds. I use the time that it's boiling to be ready and waiting with my milk and spoon and it really is a quick cup of tea.
When reading other reviews I saw mention of a plasticky taste but I haven't noticed any difference in taste to tea made in my kettle.
I think we get on with it well particularly as we have fairly large mugs so the shot of water either fits v well or underfills. I've had no case of it overflowing although I can see that this would be a problem for some people and the lack of control is a downside. I also wish it would have levels on the side illustrating how many cups of water are left in the tank.
It won't replace our kettle completely as I still use larger amounts of boiling water for cooking but it has been used for every cup of tea since we've had it.
All in all,we are really impressed with the hotcup and it has speedily become a well-used appliance in our kitchen. Only problem is how much tea I am getting through since it has arrived.

 ♦ ♦ ♦

This product is excellent. It won't replace a kettle because when friends are around you'll need the ability to make multiple hot drinks simultaneously, which this won't do, but for energy conscious individuals who only wish to heat enough water to make one drink at a time... this is excellent.

The product is simple and the process is simple; fill the reservoir with water (which has enough capacity for 5 mugs), flick the switch, and 35 seconds later... it produces one steaming hot mug of water...

...or bowl / jug / whatever you place under the spout... but... I wouldn't recommend placing a cup or anything else small; the unit produces 250ml of scalding hot water (which is appropriate for a standard sized mug) each time, no more, and no less. Consequently, if you use a cup, the chances are you'll have to deal with the overspill but fortunately Breville included a 'beer pump style' drip tray that should cover this.

For me it's brilliant: I put the coffee in the mug, place it under the spout, flick the switch and carry on about my business, when I come back not only is the water hot, my mug's also poured (and in this respect it reminds me of the old 'Teasmaid' units there used to be, the only difference being this one starts manually, not via a timer).

I already use a thermal kettle which keeps my unused boiled water hot, and do so for the sake of reducing my energy consumption, but I like this product because I only boil the amount of water I need to at the time I need to use it.

I have only two quibbles: the opening to pour water in could be a little wider to allow easier topping up; it's narrow and oddly angled. Plus, adding the ability to vary the amount of water that gets boiled, even within a set range, to allow for different users' needs according to their cup/mug sizes, would be very useful but neither of these quibbles are enough to diminish the rating this unit's worth.

It's likely to be a bit of a luxury to find space on the kitchen worktop for both this unit and a kettle also, but if you do have the space, and you make solo mugs of hot drinks more than you make multiples, this is an excellent product well worth considering.