Apple iPod touch 32GB 5th Generation


  • Siri enabled.
  • Up to 40 hours of music playback.
  • Up to 8 hours of video playback.
  • FaceTime camera with 720p HD video.
  • Apple Maps location service.

The Good

  • Significant speed increase over previous versions.
  • Excellent Camera with flash. 
  • The screen is bigger and display quality is improved.
  • Excellent functionality.
  • Excellent Build quality.

The Bad

  • None.


Customer Comments

After having an iPod touch 4th generation 32Gb, I really wasn't sure whether to upgrade to the 5th generation iPod touch but after trialling my friends I came to the decision i would.

Its stunning HD screen is flawless and makes the iPod Touch 5th Generation a pleasure to use, with its 1080p camera catching every special moment. The design of the this iPod touch improves greatly, with significant weight loss, the feel of this iPod is fantastic. With its new bigger screen you can now play and type on a bigger screen, I believe that this iPod touch has a longer battery life then its younger gen. However I think that is arguable in ways. The iPod touch 5th gen has to offer large space of memory which lets you download all the songs/videos/apps you want without using all the memory.

Overall, I struggle to find a flaw to this iPod so realistically I can state that if you have the money and want to upgrade then do. But if you are to purchase this, make a good choice on how much memory you think you are to use.

♦ ♦ ♦

I previously bought an ipod touch 32 gb 4th generation back in autumn 2010 when it was released - from amazon as well- that ipod still works perfectly fine but i have noticed the battery life has waned a lot lately and needs more frequent charging so i decided to treat myself to a new one.

I have gone with amazon again and im delighted i have. In the past , i would have been wary of ordering electronics from abroad and delivered through the postal service to me in Ireland , but i have found such concerns aren't warranted. The goods always come well packaged and work fine from amazon.

Plus, the pricing is a no-brainer on amazon. I could have paid 345 euro for this at Argos here in Ireland or ordered from for 330 euro but why would i when i can get it for 250 euro delivered from amazon. That's pretty much an 80 -95 euro saving - so big saving there.

I am really impressed with amazon's service and delivery . The product was ordered Monday and i had it Thursday despite it not being due to arrive until Monday or Tuesday next week. excellent service

As for the ipod itself, well it exactly as you'd expect- a great piece of apple kit. The design is sleeker and very like the iphone 5. Alot less bulky than the previous 4th generation model i had. the screen is definitely sharper too. The camera is a huge step up and the sound quality is a bit sharper than the last too.

Overall , i'm very happy with the product and amazon's excellent service and the huge saving i have made.