Cuisinart ICE30 ice cream maker


  • Open lid allows ingredients to be added while in motion for a perfect consistency.
  • Makes delicious ice cream,frozen yoghurt or sorbet.
  • Large 2lt freezing bowl for healthy desserts in 20-25 minutes,detachable mixing arm,lid and freezer bowl for easy cleaning.
  • Fully automatic for effortless preparation,just turn the dial and fill the bowl.

The Good

  • Simple to use and easy to clean.
  • Good build quality.
  • Makes great ice cream.

The Bad

  • You need space in your freezer for the bowl.
  • Its louder that you might imagine.

Customer Comments

 I've had mine now for a couple of weeks. This ice cream maker is superb. I had been considering the type with its own freezer but just couldn't convince myself to spend that much. I'm glad I didn't. This ice cream maker makes ice cream with such a beautiful smooth texture that I find it hard to believe that the expensive models can improve on it.

This maker uses a 'gel' filled bowl that has to be pre-frozen. My last one was the same, but I could not get the ice cream to freeze properly. The insulation on the bowl of the ICE30 is very thick and so it only warms up slowly. It also has a large capacity - 2 litres - so you can make a good amount in one go (and what will do a lot will do a little). However, it is a very large bowl so you need plenty of freezer space. I could not get it on either of the fast freeze shelves of my new freezer so it has to go in one of the drawers.

Unlike most machines of this kind, the blade is static and the bowl turns. I like this, its less noisy and means that there is a lovely big hole in the lid to pour stuff through. However, this means that the main unit is also big so you will need cupboard space for it. On the upside, it looks really smart so is looks fine if you have to leave it on the surface.

I've spent some time struggling to make ice cream with my old machine before it gave up the ghost so here is the benefit of my experiance:

1) THE most important thing is to have the bowl REALLY cold. Check your freezer. My old one was (as we discovered) on the way out so wasn't maintaining a low enough temperature. Ice cream freezes below 0 C so the bowl needs to be very cold. It must be at least -15. I now put my freezer on fast freeze for 4 -5 hours before I use the bowl. This lowers the freezer to -27. I should imagine that 'Super' (like my old freezer) would do the same.

2) Chill everything before hand (even if you've just mixed milk with cream stick it in the fridge for a couple of hours).

3) Sugar (and alcohol) lower the freezing point. That means it has to be even colder to freeze (or will take longer). Try reducing the amount in the recipe.

4) Try making a smaller quantity (it will take less time to freeze)

5) Leaving it churning beyond 40 mins is pointless. If it isn't frozen yet it wont.

6) Don't expect solid ice cream at the end. Its more like 'Mr Whippy'. Pour it into a box and freeze it for a few hours to make it hard.

 ♦ ♦ ♦

This ice cream machine is great if you want to make homemade ice cream without paying for expensive machines. its simple , practical ,easy to clean, very low maintenance. originally i wanted the 258 pound cuisinart ice cream machine but i just couldn't come to paying that kind of money for something i had not ever made before. this model came just in time!
just make sure you have a freezer with ample room for the bowl , it's quite big!
the ice cream is great , i have many fans ( family) that lick there lips when they come over hoping i've made a batch
one tip: when mixing ingredients and use eggs, beat them with a mixer rather than by hand , it makes the ice cream fluffier , less stiff after it has frozen! enjoy!!!