2 x REFILLABLE Gas Lighters - No more matches - CHOICE OF COLOURS


  • 2x refillable gas lighter. No more matches, choice off 3 colours.

The Good

  • Child safety on/off switch.
  • Adjustable flame size.
  • Well designed so you do not get close to the source you are lighting.
  • Refillable.

The Bad

  • None.

Customer Comments

 Excellent product. Compared to the named brand absolutely no difference with the added advantage of a window to see the fuel level. Much cheaper than any others I have found and I did a lot of searching before settling on this item.

Works great, there's an on/off switch which when off means you can't spark it so it's safe around little children who find it (unless they know how to switch it on and off, but really small kids won't be able to), I use the smaller one for lighting votives and the bigger one for 18 oz candles. I've never had a problem sparking a light (for the cheap price, I was expecting I'd need to flick it a few times to get it lit, but I was wrong) and so far haven't needed to refill it (so I can't say if it works just as well once you've refilled it, like with some lighters I have for smoking, soon as they run out of gas they take ages to spark even though they're refillable, so I'm waiting to see if this is the same or if it's just as good).

Excellent value for money, easy to use, and a lot safer than using other lighters. I would recommend these to anyone.