BT 1000 Cordless DECT Phone


  • 50 name and number phonebook.
  • 1.6" Two-line dot matrix display.
  • Amber Backlit Screen.
  • See whos calling with 50 Number Calls List and 20 Number Redial List.
  • Long life battery with up to Up to 12 hours of talking and 120 hours on standby.

The Good

  • Large clear display.
  • Large keypad.
  • Value for money.
  • Easy to use.
  • Good sound quality.
  • Sturdy build quality.
  • Great battery life.
  • Easy to programme.
  • You can buy and add additional handsets.
  • Adjustable ring volume that can be very loud for the hard of hearing.

The Bad

  • A bit plasticy.
  • No answerphone function.
  • No speakerphone.
  • Outdated ringtones.


Customer Comments

For a middle range phone this is ok. It's nothing spectacular unfortunately.
The pro's- it looks lovely, it's neat and tidy, decent battery life on it. The screen display is lovely and large, the letters are easily readable. You can programme numbers into it so you never have to dial a number again. You can also buy additional handsets to go with them so you can have 4 different sets attached to the same station. There are five different tones to choose from as well, one of the is particularly shrill if you are hard of hearing.
The cons... the caller display is not a function within the phone. This is only available as a subscription through your service provider. I am a ditz and didn't know this so I thought I'd state it here so others would know.
The phone is plastic and feels plastic. Then there's this weird echo type sound on the phone. There wasn't one with my other line so I am attributing this to the phone itself.
OVERALL the phone is ok, just ok. If you're looking for middle price, nothing special then this phone is for you.
♦ ♦ ♦ 
This is a well designed phone that does what it is supposed to do. The handset is light but feels nicely balanced in the hand, controls are straightforward, buttons are reasonably large and have a soft rubbery surface. In terms of sound quality, I would say it is a little sharper than some other phones I'm familiar with (such as Panasonic) which aids clarity. Range seems good - on the first floor of my house it connects with no problems with the base station two floors below. Only thing lacking is a 'hands-free' facility - something I only use occasionally but is nevertheless useful. Other than that, nothing negative to say about this product; it offers good value for money.