1 X 25 Metre Strong LongLife Steel core Washing Clothes Line 25m Assorted Colours



  • James Lever LongLife Steelcore Clothes Line 25m

The Good

  • Thin but very strong with steel core.
  • Good quality at a great price.

The Bad

  • Some customers complain its too thin and pegs tend to slip.

Customer Comments

My initial thoughts were "Oh No” when I opened the package. The diameter of the cable was worryingly slim given my poor experience with a line my wife purchased from a pound shop. After one load of washing was put on it resembled a skipping rope and stretched to the floor. It was neither fit enough to beat the wife with or tie her up in a bondage session.

This line however is deceptively strong and has stood up to two heavy loads of washing that I put out this morning , now you begin to see who actually wears the trousers here don't you?

Now will this last as long as my last line or my marriage if she sees this review , only time can tell. At least the short sited local birds have got a chance , they're never going to miss this electric blue line to sit on.

♦ ♦ ♦
A very sturdy washing line.Nice bright green colour,with an easy wipe clean surface, The steel core makes it stronger too
♦ ♦ ♦
I have in the past bought cheap £1.50 lines.
But got sick of picking the washing up off the grass.
So I bought this one, Little bit more expensive than usual for me, But does a good job.
Not broken yet.
So I would recommend to a friend.