ClearWater Multifunction Tablets 1kg - 50 x 20g Tablets


  • Stabilised multifunctional chlorine tablets
  • 4in1 tablet acts as a sanitiser, stabiliser, algaecide and clarifier
  • For the disinfection of pools and spas
  • For use with chemical floating dispenser or chlorine feeders
  • Ideal for use with Lay Z Spas

The Good

  • Great price.
  • Works well and simple to use.
  • Very high customer satisfaction rate.

The Bad

  • None.

Customer Comments

Excellent - cleared my pool very quickly. I won't use anything else now. Much better than Bromine. Ok so it smells but at least my hot tub is clear

♦ ♦ ♦
The tablets definitely work. I use 3 tablets about every week and my
pool is perfectly clear. Last year I was having to empty and clean it
on a regular basis. This is a huge improvement.
♦ ♦ ♦
Great product, keeps the pool water clean and algae free. saves wasting time and water refilling every week or so when the water turns.