Panasonic HC-V250EB-K Full HD Camcorder - Black (90x Intelligent Zoom, Power OIS, Wi-Fi, NFC) (New for 2014)


  • New 90x Intelligent Zoom.
  • Power Optical Image Stabiliser and Level Shot.
  • 1920 x 1080 50p Full HD Recording.
  • Built in Wifi and NFC.
  • Remote Shooting and Compatible with Remote Pan Tilt Cradle.

The Good

  • Light and compact design.
  • The image quality is excellent, it has nice clarity and depth.
  • Plenty of memory expansion capability.
  • Wifi connectivity is simple and works well.
  • The touch screen is responsive and the menus and adjustments are all well laid out.
  • With the Panasonic image app, it can be controlled with your smart phone.
  • Good battery life.
  • audio is nice and crisp.

The Bad

  • It excludes the 5-axis IS system.
  • Not suited to very low light situations.
  • Its small size makes it difficult to get a steady hand-held shot on extreme zooms.


Customer Comments

Panasonic are renowned when it comes to high quality and high specification camcorders. The HC-V250EB is a good budget camcorder. It is a little disappointing that it excludes the 5-axis IS system. As certain camcorders have good IS at this price level. I guess the most important factor is the image quality.

The Camcorder itself is light and compact. It sits well in the hand and you have easy access via the screen, I took it out in the garden and took some shots of flowers and scenery. The image quality is very good, it has nice clarity and depth in the surroundings. The still shots were decent, but don't expect it to replace your trusty DSLR. In dark areas (night shots) it does suffer and I do believe this camcorder is not suited well for very low light situations, even though it claims to be good under low light conditions. I guess I should not complain it sits under the budget category and therefore you cannot expect it to do everything well.

In good lighting this camera excels and the videos are excellent, look well on any screen. The wifi connectivity is a breeze and the NFC works with my Samsung tablet. The touch screen is responsive and the menus and adjustments are all well laid out. You can install the Panasonic image app and you can control it through your phone and view it remotely, I guess there are some benefits to this, however I do believe it is a bit of a gimmick. Most people tend to use there phone nowadays and to use your phone as a device to view/control another device just doesn't appeal to me.

The main factor is the recording of material and this camcorder does that very well. It also feels robust in your hand (maybe we are so use to using mobile phones nowadays) and you can put a 128gb SDXC card so you have plenty of storage if on holiday.
I like it very much, good size and quality, the recordings are top notch, only downside is low light recording, but I doubt I would use it much under low light conditions. Apart from that it actually is worth its weight, it does what it is meant to nicely and has easy of use. What more do you want in the budget range.