Philips HR2020/50 Silver Blender with 1.75 Litre Jug - 400 Watt


  • 400 watt motor, big 1.75 litre jar and a 5-star blade, which combine to create great end results.
  • 5-star serrated blade to chop, dice and slice effortlessly, making tough blending a breeze.
  • Easy to clean with detachable blade and jar, all parts except the blender base are dishwasher-safe.
  • Break-resistant jar and multiple speeds for ideal end results.

The Good

  • Excellent Blending.
  • Extra large jug.
  • Grinds ice well.

The Bad

  • None.

Customer Comments

  The blender itself itself is fantastic and the extra-large jug is much better than our previous non-Philips blender, which broke due to old age (well, five years which was disappointing). We almost didn't buy this item because one of the reviews complained about the difficulty of fixing the jug to the base. The truth is that it is the same as any other blender - you read the instructions, line the jug up and slot it into place. No fuss, no bother, just great blending.

♦ ♦ ♦

The blender is fantastic. I brought it for making soups and it really does its job. Plus it was easy to set up, clean and store.
Quite a few of the lower end reviews state that the blender fails, or the jar leaks.
Now I'm not a hundred percent, but yes, there will be faulty products, but I wouldn't expect that many faulty products.

After purchasing, I read the important leaflet and it clearly says not to use ingredients over 80 degrees Celsius and to not let the applicance run for more than a minute at a time. Or not to forget to place sealing ring on the blade unit otherwise leakage will occur.

I believe some of the reviewers were not aware of this and that would have broken their blender causing them to give a negative review.

I just wrote this review to give people peace of mine because I was concered with the amount of negative reviews so I hope this clears things up.

♦ ♦ ♦

I bought this for soup-making. It certainly blends well - this is down to the blades; I don't think the motor rating is all that important.
However - it has started leaking badly after a few months. The seal around the shaft that drives the blades has gone a bit sloppy. And the "unbreakable" jug has two cracks in it. The overall construction is flimsy.

So - unless I can tighten that shaft (left-hand thread!), it will have to go in the bin.

This blender has to be considered a consumable.