Android TV Box Media Player - Dual Core Smart Internet 1080p HD WiFi Player Running Android 4.2.2


  • Android 4.2.2 for your TV - enjoy all your favourite Android Apps on the big screen.
  • XBMC Full HD 1080p Media player, stream and play Movies, TV Shows & Sports etc. from the internet, supports subtitles.
  • Powerful DualCore 1.5GHZ A9-MIII Neon Cortex CPU & Quad Core Mali400 Graphics Processor.
  • Supports Airplay, Miracast, Wifi, DLNA, files directly from USB drive, SATA drive or SDHC cards, or stream from the internet.
  • Worry free 1 year extensive device warranty with lifetime support & free updates.

The Good

  • Very simple setup.
  • Huge range of features.
  • Vast array of apps.
  • Excellent for streaming Movies and TV shows in full HD
  • Four USB2 ports and two memory card slots.
  • Works with wifi or lan.
  • Good quality HDMI cable included.
  • Works just like an Android tablet

The Bad

  • The on-screen keyboard is a real pain to use. Customers recommend buying a wireless keyboard.
  • Needs good speed wireless internet to work well.


Customer Comments

This is a great product for watching the latest movies, it has a vast array of apps, Facebook etc. There are some technical and operational issues that you should be aware of before deciding to buy. The wifi element of this product, at least on my unit was abysmal, in the end it totally failed, if you want to use this unit you will l need to directly link it to your broadband router with an ethernet cable, it functions without issue and is faster. With wifi it asked for the password each and every time you switched it on and on occasion during operation it lost the password. The other thing that can be annoying is movies fail to run if for some reason your broadband drops out during play, this may seem obvious but because movies are steamed it means you cannot fast forward to where you left off, but have to watch all over again. The last thing to point out is that it does not run well if your broadband speed is less than 5, there is a free app you can download that will test your broadband speed, and I wouls advise you do this before purchasing. Would I recommend it, absolutely, if you go to the cinema on a regular basis this unti will pay for itself in a few days. The latest cinema releases are available in HD and the upside all of this is legal,why pay subscriptions tosky movies,Netflix etcwhen ypu can watch them for Free!!
♦ ♦ ♦
I bought this to address 2 problems. Firstly the lack of any decent TV programmes most evenings, and secondly to avoid extensive cabling to get an aerial signal into two more rooms. I failed on the second objective as a wifi signal of "good" is not enough to run the unit.The unit worked straight out of the box, but only with the television in the room closest to the wifi hub. My issue was with strength of signal in an old house (thick walls), but that is not a criticism of this unit.

However the preloaded XBMC has enough apps in it to satisfy the need for additional programmes and films. Just a couple of points to watch out for here though. Firstly a lot of the apps return no results. Secondly some apps (such as 4oD) do not work with rooted devices (which this is). Thirdly, XBMC contains some apps linked to porn sites, which is not good if you have tech savvy grandchildren about. Useful instructions on how to remove dead or unwanted apps can be found at jailbrokentv along with several other useful hints and guides.

I am principally using this to view Youtube, iPlayer and other live TV programmes, and for this purpose it is a great little unit. As other reviewers have stated a separate wireless mini keyboard is almost essential, making Youtube searching much faster.

I would have given this 5 stars had there been a half decent instruction manual, rather than having to research the internet to fine tune the set up.