Android Tablet



  Black Allwinner A13 4GB DDR3 512MB 7inch Capacity Touch Screen Android 4.0 Camera Tablet PC, 7Inch capacity touch screen with 800*480px, a Allwinner A13 4GB DDR3 512MB 7inch Capacity Touch Screen Android 4.0 Camera Tablet PC


  • Android 4.1 operating system
  • Allwiner A13 CPU
  • Full support Net flix, facebook, twitter
  • Front camera

The Good

  • Charges fully in 2hrs.
  • Excellent price for an entry level tablet.

The Bad

  • The charger adapter is lose fitting.
  • Customers report various issues with the charger.

Customer Comments

This tablet arrived well before the earliest delivery date. It was (obviously) brand new, in a sealed box complete with USB cable, charger and U.K. mains plus adapter. O.K., the charger was designed to fit a 2-pin U.S.A. power socket and was a bit loose in the U.K. adapter, causing intermittency - but substituting this for a proper U.K. shaver adaptor cured the problem and the tablet charged up to full capacity in about 2 hours, providing at least 6 hours use. The tablet is working fine. No problems with W-Fi connectivity, e-mailing, downloading and crystal clear image resolution too. For less than 30 quid, this little tablet is an absolute steal - not like the 7-inch tablet that cost me $200 (after haggling) in a New York computer shop less than 2 years ago. Now that was a real piece of junk and has now been consigned to the rubbish bin!

♦ ♦ ♦

ood value for the money, i bought this mainly for just browsing and reading, i also use it as a game controller with the power grid app. Delivered next day with prime, faster than i thought for such a cheap tablet, battery life is around 2 hrs, hundreds of free apps available, i have had this for about a month now, no problems so far, i have just ordered another one for the wife.
If you just want a basic browser, watch youtube or video's, then this is ideal.

♦ ♦ ♦

I only have this over 3 months and the screen keeps freezing and doesn't work half of the time I would invest in a better brand the next time I buy a tablet!