Android Smartphone



  LG Nexus 5 UK Smartphone - Black (16GB)


Screen size    5 inches
Screen resolution    1080 x 1920
Operating system    Android
Battery talktime    17 Hours
Battery on standby    300 Hours
Camera    8 MP
Video    1080p
Navigation    GPS
Connectivity    Bluetooth

The Good

  • Rubberised back for protection and easy grip.
  • Really nice design.
  • Latest android operating system.
  • Great performance, fast and responsive.

The Bad

  • No SD card expansion.

Customer Comments

"Best phone I have ever owned" is a big claim, especially since I recently also owned a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (with companion Galaxy Gear smartwatch). So let me elaborate...

My previous phone (not counting the Note 3) was a Nexus S, one of Google's earlier and not-very-widely-adopted phones. Although made by Samsung, it was a pure Google Android phone with none of the bloat-ware associated with some manufacturers. And with none of the multiple account sign-ups (Google Account + Samsung Hub + ???). I did like the pure Adnroid experience then, and I like it now on the new Nexus 5.

Although I missed out on the Nexus 4, two family members each picked up one of those popular phones when Google slashed the price prior to launching the Nexus 5. While those we're outstandingly good value purchases, I'm glad I waited for the Nexus 5 myself.

The Nexus 5 is slim and stylish in a very understated way, like a little black dress (but I'm not a girl). Out goes the bling, and in comes a slightly rubberised back which is way nicer than it sounds... and reassuring to hold. The screen is a pleasure to look at, because you can't see the individual pixels, and it's big enough without being a "phablet". It's fast and responsive, 4G-ready, the latest Android 4.4 KitKat, and very good value for the price I paid "in store" soon after launch (hence not a verified purchase here on Amazon). Documentation is scarce, so you may have to do a lot of experimenting or reading around on the web, but there is always The (Unofficial) Google Nexus 5 SmartPhone Book : The missing manual for LG's Android 4.4 KitKat phone.

It really is no exaggeration for me to say that I have been telling all my friends that "this is the best phone I have ever owned". And I'm pretty fickle.

♦ ♦ ♦

Had one of these for a month now so thought I'd write a review on the good/bad points and compare it to my wife's Galaxy S4.

Good Points:

Phone Design and Feel - it's very simple with a nice matt rubberised back and feels great to hold. Saying that I have put a Ringke Slim case on it which has the same finish just to give it some protection. For me much nicer than the S4 which is very plastic feeling.

Screen - this is just about perfect for me. It's very sharp and crucially not too bright even on the highest brightness setting. To me better than the S4 although both are very nice but the Nexus 5 screen colours feel more natural to me.

Performance - phones are so powerfull these days that everything is really smooth and fast. As the Nexus has stock Android it just whizzes through everything. To be fair my wifes S4 does the same. Nothing more to say on this really.

Stock Kitkit as standard - this is a big plus in my opinion. It's amazing how quickly I got used to it and going back to the S4 with it's older version is really frustrating now. I find Kitkat simpler to use and understand. Not having masses of pre-installed bloatware is good too.

Value - I got mine on contract which was £10 a month cheaper than an S4 on the same tariff. Fantastic value.

Okay Points:

Camera - I don't use it much but it's definitely not as good as the S4. Perfectly adequate for occasional use though.

No SD card expansion - again for me not an issue but a nice to have.

Reception - not great sometimes. It seems to drop to no bars and won't come back without a restart. It's a known bug so hoping it will be sorted out with an update.

Bad points:

Google hangouts - this is the standard delivered app for texting/messaging and I hate it! Tried for a week but sorry it just doesn't make sense to me - I'm not someone who wants to integrate everything into one place. Dumped it and use a third-party SMS app now which is much better.

That's about it except to say no problems with battery like some other reviewers - lasts a couple of days unless I hammer it with games/videos.

To sum up a very good phone - not perfect - but for me as good as I need and certainly the equal of an S4 for a lot less cash.

♦ ♦ ♦

After searching for a couple of weeks for a replacement for my htc one x, I decided to get the black Nexus 5 and I am not disappointed at all with my decision. I read lots of reviews on the Nexus 5 and the one thing which stood out on those reviews were the poor battery life and poor camera. I can say from my experience the battery is average for a smart phone, but considering all of the extra features that come with android 4.4 I'd say this is good. I have the brightness on the screen set to about 20-25% as this is more than bright enough for me. I have wifi and gps turned on all the time and the battery lasts me a whole day, which is all I need as it gets charged overnight on my wireless charger.

The phone fits nicely in my hand and feels secure, the finish on the case is a smooth matte finish. It is not so smooth though that I find it slipping out of my grip. The power and volume buttons are located in good positions for use and they function well.

The phone was really easy to set up, there are instructions in the box explaining how to insert the micro sim card. When you power the phone on for the first time it runs through a setup where you connect to WiFi, add a google account, then it takes you through some of the features. The first thing I noticed after using the phone was how good the display was and also how fast/responsive it was. I would recommend enabling the ART caching over Delvik, which is a new feature enabled in the developer settings for android 4.4. This makes a massive difference on apps startup time and switching between apps.

After trying out the camera I can say it is a lot better than my camera which I had on my HTC one x. It is fast and has a good range of settings to optimize your pictures depending on lighting and location. I found the camera to produce great pictures, I cannot compare it to phones like the iPhone 5S and galaxy S4 so maybe compared to these phones it is not as good. Video quality is also good, you have the option to take pictures when shooting a video by pressing the screen. This feature works really well, as soon as the screen is pressed the picture is saved.

So far the only niggle I have with this phone is the front facing camera is not great, this isn't much of an issue for me as I will rarely use this camera. For someone who uses the front camera a lot though this might prove to be an issue.

All in all I can say I am more than pleased with my new phone. I bought it expecting substandard battery life and camera, but I am pleasantly surprised with both the battery life and camera. I would recommend this phone to anybody looking to upgrade their phone or to anybody looking for a high end android phone. It is one of the easiest android phones to use that I have come across with no 3rd part bloatware installed. For £300 you won't get any better than this and it easily matches the phones priced at £400-£500 in all aspects apart from maybe the camera.



- Fast
- Responsive
- Voice control
- Nice loud crisp sound
- Design
- Price


- Front camera