Intex Pillow Rest Queen Airbed Air bed with Built-in pump


  • This is Intex's best selling airbed and no wonder as it combines all the benefits of a raised sleeping surface, built-in pillow and integral electric pump with lightweight convenience.
  • Quality 21.2gauge waterproof flocked top and 15gauge vinyl sides and base.
  • Built in mains electric air pump (220 - 240 v) - approximate inflation time 4mins.
  • Folds compactly for storage or travel, duffel bag included.
  • Dimensions 62" x 80" x 18.5" (157 cm x 203 cm x 47 cm)

The Good

  • Easy fast automatic inflation.
  • Quality materials used.
  • Very easy to deflate and store.
  • Most users find it comfortable.

The Bad

  • A significant percentage of customers report deflation issues.

 Customer Comments

I used these reviews when I was trying to select which airbed to buy so I hope someone finds this useful.
This airbed is fantastic - it inflates so easily, just plug it in and flick the switch! it takes about 2minutes to fully inflate. Then there is a dial so that you can adjust the firmness and it can automatically deflate too so no crawling around on the floor trying to push the air out of it!
As you can see from the picture it is raised so you can sit on the edge of it quite comfortably and it looks very impressive once made up - my friends didn't believe it was an airbed when they first saw it. It stays inflated and firm all night , even with kids jumping all over it, which I was impressed with! and is reasonably comfortable.
The only downside, if I have to find one is that its quite heavy - I certainly wouldn't try walking any great distance with it (although it does come in a carry bag), but if you are using it as a spare bed (as I am) or chucking it in the car when you go away it's the perfect inflatable nights sleep. A great product!

♦ ♦ ♦

This is my third bed from Intex. I started with a King Size, then a double and now a single as I moved around and my guests needs changed over time.
All have been excellent quality.
The built in pump inflates the bed in just a couple of minutes and deflates just as quickly (if you use the powered, suck the air out, option).
The bed rolls up and stores in a cupboard until its needed next time.
My only bit of advice is, these are made of plastic, plastic does not have airflow like a normal mattress and so heat and sweat can be an issue, just pop on two sheets before your duvet and that normally does the trick to giving your guest a great nights sleep.
A great thing to have as a standby or for regular visitors. I used to use mine every month or so and had them for at least a couple of years at a time with no issues.