Coffee Master 5-Cup Syphon / Vacuum Glass Coffee Maker


  • Fantastic Tasting Sediment Free Coffee.
  • Perfect gift for the Coffee Connoisseur.
  • Clean & Simple Design, Great for any Kitchen.
  • Great Entertainment, Fascinating to Watch.
  • Best Value of its type in the UK - Supplied in Full Colour Retail Box.

The Good

  • Excellent, makes superb coffee.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Entertaining in a chemical experiment kind of way.
  • Fantastic value for money when compared to similar coffee brewing equipment.

The Bad

  • The grip for the bottom reservoir is not perfectly horizontal.

Customer Comments

 After breaking my old Chemex paper filter maker I decided to check out this one due to the cheap pricing. It comes with step-by-step instructions making it easy to figure out. This method is much quicker than my old paper filter and the coffee is hotter and generally better; as the material filter removes less from the coffee.
The only negatives are the need for methylated spirits to fuel the burner and slightly fiddly cleaning. This is not too bad as spirits are fairly cheap and I no longer need to buy paper filters.
There's more cleaning than in a filter paper coffee maker, but the coffee from this coffee maker is certainly worth it.

 ♦ ♦ ♦

The coffee from this thing is amazing. Best home brew I have ever had. The price is also very reasonable when compared to the Japanese model. However, I cannot give it a full five stars due to a slight, but important manufacturing flaw. The grip for the bottom reservoir is not perfectly horizontal. When everything is put together it tilts to one side. Mostly this is cosmetic (it looks quite bad when tilting), but sometimes, if the top is not put in securely, the weight of the coffee on top will tilt the top more breaking the vacuum. There is no way to "bend" this into place as it is the hole drilled into the metal arm that is off center. Besides that it is great, with a great price, and excellent coffee.