Sonos BRIDGE - Expand your Wireless Hi-Fi


  • Quickly set up - wireless Sonos system.
  • Extend the range of Sonos system.
  • Expand the Controller's wireless coverage.
  • Connect to the Internet.
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging.

The Good

  • Simple and easy to use.

The Bad

  • None


Customer Comments

You obviously need to combine this ZoneBridge with the ZonePlayer S5. I have my system supplemented with the Sonos Wireless Music Controller 200 as well. Combined with the Sonos ZonePlayer S5 and the Controller this is an amazing piece of kit. I predict that you will be as blown away by the quality and flexibility this ZoneBridge offers as I was. The whole system is extremely easy to set up and you will be listening to superb sound within minutes.

First let me explain the different pieces of equipment:
1) The ZonePlayer S5 is where you sound comes from and what a sound!
2) The ZoneBridge connects to the router. Whilst you can directly connect your ZonePlayer S5 to the router and so save yourself a little bit of money I think when you're splashing out this amount of cash you may as well go the whole hog and get the ZoneBridge. This means that your ZonePlayer S5 can be moved to any room in the house rather than being tied to the room your router lives in. It is well worth the money to free your music!
3) The Zone Wireless Music Controller 200 is expensive but gives you ultimate flexibility as you can control your system from anywhere and it again frees you from being tied to the computer - this time to control your system. If you own and iPhone or and iPod Touch then Sonos offer a free app which allows you to control your ZonePlayer from your Apple 'i' gadget and will save you quite a substantial amount of additional expenditure.

The Sonos Zone system allows you to access all the music stored on your PC and also the option to listen to the radio. You can tune in to local stations and more - plus you can also sign up to or Napster for example to stream music. is free and Napster offers a 30 day trial after which you would have to subscribe. You also have the obligatory aux port so you can connect other gadgets, music systems etc as you wish. By using this ZoneBridge you can move your ZonePlayer to any room and so free your music! For the relatively small amount of money this ZoneBridge costs compared to the other components it is worth every penny! Do you really want your lovely, expensive and top class sounding ZonePlayer tied to one room - the room your router lives in?

This is the best sounding and most flexible music system I have ever had the privilege to own. I wish I had the money to add more ZonePlayers - it would be amazing to have them dotted all over the house! The system definitely benefits from the ZoneBridge and wouldn't be as good without it!

I love my Zone system and think you will love yours too!

♦ ♦ ♦

The way Sonos works isn't immediately obvious so I hope it will help if I set it out as I understand it in an Idiot's Guide (you can perhaps guess who's the idiot!). For the review, please see my review of the ZP90.

Sonos attaches itself to your wifi network and allows you to play music which you have ripped onto your computer eg using iTunes.

Sonos the company provides three sorts of device:
zone players - unamplified (eg ZP90); amplified (eg ZP120); and amplified with speakers (eg S5)
a zone bridge (the item above - BR100)
a controller (eg CR200)

You need to attach a device to your wireless router, so if your router is in your living-room then you simply attach the zone player to your router and you're off. If - as at Casa Stevie - the router is in the hall then you need a zone bridge which you attach to the router so that you can have the zone player in the living-room. The zone bridge doesn't play music, it just provides a link to your router.