Kärcher WV50 Window Vac - Window Cleaning Vacuum



  • Fast and efficient cleaning and drying of windows.
  • Streak-free cleaning results.
  • No drips of dirty water thanks to powerful vacuum.
  • Versatile cleaning of windows, tiles, showers, mirrors, glass tables, spills.
  • Comes with a two-year guarantee.

The Good

  • Good ergonomics, easy to handle.
  • Simple to use and very effective.
  • Great for cleaning up spills.
  • Takes the work out of cleaning windows.

The Bad

  • Battery life is short but sufficient to clean your windows.
  • Difficult to use in confined spaces.
  • Some customers complain that it leaves streaks.


Customer Comments

"What an ingenious piece of equipment. simple yet so effective!"
I never thought I'd see the day when i would actually look forward to ridding my windows of the dreaded winter condensation, and never having to buy cheap kitchen roll in bulk ever again. Having lived in an old stone house for the last 10 years, winter was always a dreaded season. (No other house in the area seems to have the same problem.) I saw the Karcher vac being advertised and demonstrated on a shopping channel, and thought I'd found the answer to my problem. HOW RIGHT I WAS! I ordered it from a company on Amazon for the same great price and with cheaper P&P.
Delivery was fast and the vac was put to use the following day. To say i was impressed was an understatement. It's lightweight, fast and so effective that I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a heavy condensation problem. I also use it on the shower cubicle after every shower, instead of having to spray it down with shower shine spray. Personally, I have no hesitations in giving this Karcher vac 10/10.

♦ ♦ ♦

Absolutely fantastic!!!

A friend showed me one three days ago, and I was that impressed, I now have one!
For domestic use only - but an absolute treasure for anyone wanting to take the hard work out of window cleaning - and NO SMUDGES!! Just wash the window, tiles or mirror, and vacuum it all away, it's so easy to use & no mess.
I would recommend this product to anyone and everyone & the service from the supplier was second to none - WELL DONE!!