Breville VTT233 Black 4 Slice Toaster


  • Two slot four slice black toaster.
  • Variable browning control and variable width slots for thick and thin bread slices.
  • Features include reheat, defrost, mid-cycle cancel and extra-high lift for easy toast removal.
  • Fitted with a removable crumb tray for easy cleaning, non-slip base and cord storage.
  • Red illuminated buttons for easy use.

The Good

  • Excellent even toasting.

The Bad

  • Standard size bread doesn't toast properly, the top 1 - 1.5cm sticks out the top and never browns.
  • It wont fit 4 standard bread slices.


Customer Comments

I decided to buy this brand as it seemed a very good price for a 4 slice, and was slim in design so wouldn't take up too much room on my counter. So far, it's working very well, browns toast evenly and on No.3 toasts well done, so don't have the button too high. You can fit in 4 sandwich loaf slices of bread or put 2 slices of a different shaped loaf in sideways, so it's flexible to accommodate your bread shape and size. Very happy with the product, only down side is that the 'silver' colour, which I thought would match my silver fridge, is more a dull grey in reality. However, unless you're very fussy about aesthetics, it won't bother you. Good product, good price, and came much earlier than the several weeks stated when you order. Packaged securely with instruction booklet in English.

♦ ♦ ♦

I picked this toaster as I'd owned a Kenwood in the past which had given up the ghost, and I longed for a four slice which wasnt expensive. Im really happy with my choice, it browns well, I have to say mostly I use it on minimum but it really is fine for the money. It has a great cancel function, which I use all the time and the defrost feature is also very handy, especially when taking individual crumpets out of the freezer and toasting...worked perfectly. I would say though, that Warburtons' sliced bread doesn't quite fit in tall ways, so I end up placing it on its side, which reverts the toaster to a 2 slice for that particular bread, but its never bothered me, Im absolutely delighted with this toaster, no problems at all and a month of happy use so far. Oh and also, its more like grey in my opinion...!

♦ ♦ ♦

Very disappointed as standard size bread doesn't fit in it! We use Hovis medium sliced bread and the top 1 - 1.5cm sticks out the top and never browns (just gets warm!)... and two slices won't fit sideways on either, the toaster just isn't wide enough or deep enough. Apart from that, the bits of the bread it does reach are nice and evenly toasted, and it looks nice!
**update ** I emailed Breville asking if there was any adjustability. Their reply "In recent years due to the many sizes and thicknesses of bread that are now available as a company we have had to accommodate for this by manufacturing various styles of toasters which are suitable for different sizes of bread.
Obviously in your case the unit you have purchased is only suitable for the smaller sizes of bread.If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase we would advise that you return it to place of purchase for exchange for a toaster that better suits your needs."
The only bread that would have fitted in comfortably would have been that Nimble diet bread...!
So now, apparently, I'm supposed to tell Breville what size bread I need to toast, and they will recommend a toaster!
Wouldn't it be nice if they give you details within the product specification, otherwise Amazon, I think you're going to have a lot of 2nd hand toasters full of breadcrumbs coming back your way!
This one will be going back, but how the heck are you supposed to be sure of getting one that your bread does fit in to!