Salter Stainless Steel 1035 SSBKDR Platform Electronic Kitchen Scale


  • None.

The Good

  • Compact - but not too small. Even with a large mixing bowl on the scales, the display is still easy to read.
  • Light - but not too light. Just under 400g, it's easy to get out and put away, but is substantial enough to stay put on the working surface, and sits solidly on a flat surface.
  • Excellent LCD display. The figures are large and clear.
  • Great robust design, the buttons are good quality and responsive.
  • The weighing platform is a pleasingly smooth, brushed, single piece of stainless steel.

The Bad

  • None.

Customer Comments

 This is a great kitchen scale. Small, slim, lightweight, stylish and very easy to use. I love it, it's perfect!

* To 1g/0.1oz/1ml/0.1fl.oz
* Accurately measures fluids, I've measured water and milk and it was pretty much spot on
* Allows you to switch between different measures at any time and it remembers your last choice

* No need for any additional bowls, just place your own bowl/plate on it and press a button to set it to zero
* Re-set it to zero for each additional ingredient you add (in a second)
* The round plate is slightly raised so it allows you to put any size bowl/plate on the scale

* Takes just a second turn on and display the weight
* It turns itself off after you've used it but you can also turn it off yourself to save battery

**Nov 2010: I've used this kitchen scale quite frequently for nearly two years now and it works like new. I can't fault it.**

 ♦ ♦ ♦

I used these scales for my final assessment for the Diploma Patisserie at Le Cordon Bleu London, and they are just fantastic. Accurate, which you need in a professional kitchen, lightweight to carry around and really easy to store in a drawer. I weigh pretty much everything in grams, but for recipes with imperial measures, they're fantastic. Highly recommend them - there's no need to spend a fortune on electronic scales!