Really Useful Storage Box Plastic Lightweight Robust Stackable 9 Litre W255xD395xH155mm Clear - Ref 9C


  • External Dimensions: L395xW255xD155.
  • Internal Dimensions:  L335xW210xD140.
  • Working temperature of -15°C to +80°C.

The Good

  • Very high quality materials.
  • Strong grip handles allows you to carry the box very comfortably.
  • A good size for many storage applications.

The Bad

  • Maybe more expensive than others but they are great quality .

Customer Comments

 I do like a good storage box, whether for food or other detritus around the home and I discovered Really Useful boxes around five years ago. They come in lots of different shapes and sizes and you need to be wary that you are comparing like for like as boxes can be the same capacity but a different shape.

The boxes are incredibly strong overall and some of mine have survived being dropped onto the garage floor without being damaged (and also protecting the contents). In fact, my wooden garden table fell onto one of these boxes; the box survived without any damage whatsoever but my table was a different story... They are designed to be stackable and the lids clip onto the base via two handles, which hold it firmly in place.

I have around 50 or 60 in total and they are mostly put to use in the loft and garage, storing things like bird seed, paperwork, tools, garden equipment, Christmas decorations and so on; there is even a Really Useful box designed to be the right size to store LP records (and I can vouch for the fact LPs fit in perfectly).

As long as the boxes are the same dimensions on the base, each will stack very neatly onto the one below and the bottom of the higher box is held in place by the raised edge of the lid of the lower, so there is no chance of them accidentally falling over. As they are also clear, you can see what's in them as well, although for stacked boxes a label stuck on the front is very helpful.

If you like being organised, I think you will like the Really Useful range of boxes. I have not regretted my purchases, even though I have owned them for several years and they are subjected to extremes of temperature, being mostly used in the attic and garage.

 ♦ ♦ ♦

Reason for buying:
I decided to buy this product because I was looking for a good quality, strong box and had heard very good things about the product.

During the 'Unpacking process', it was evident that the box was made of very high quality material. It is beautifully designed and is made of very strong, thick, transparent plastic that is fit for purpose. The inside of the box is very smooth. Not only was I happy with my purchase but it had exceeded my expectations.

In Use:
The clever design of the strong grip handles allows you to carry the box very comfortably and even when the box is very full, the handles don't hurt your fingers. The handles close very tightly and is confirmed when you hear a 'click'. The product is very good at holding A4 paper and a number of different sized and shaped objects which results in the inside and outside of your home looking a lot neater and organised. They are too big to fit in the smaller drawers and cupboards in the kitchen and lounge but fit very nicely in bigger sized kitchen cupboards, lounge drawers, cupboards and garages. I also use them in my workplace and I can now find things a lot quicker thanks to the box being transparent. The product is also very good at stacking on top of other really useful boxes.

This product has a price tag that would make you put it back on the shelf quicker than you picked it up, however when you consider that it is made of very high quality material and that it is very strong, it doesn't seem as expensive.

Apart from the price, the only negative that I could identify was that the product is very difficult to clean, especially when it is very dirty. Although the inside is easy to clean, the outside of the box and handles have a significant amount of plastic groves and segments that stick out which makes it impossible to clean. Rather than cleaning the outside by hand, I use a pressure washer or garden hose.

9/10 - If you are looking for a high quality, strong box then I would highly recommend this product.