Apple iPod nano 16GB, 7th Generation


  • Walk, run (spoken feedback included without the need for the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit)
  • In-built Nike+
  • Widescreen video--standard definition
  • Radio
  • Accessibility features that help people with disabilities enjoy music and audiobooks
  • Genius Playlist functionality

The Good

  • Excellent build quality, compact design.
  • Headphones much improved over previous Apple buds.
  • The 2.5" screen, pixel display is sharp and clear, very good touch screen response.
  • The built in pedometer is a nice feature for joggers/walkers.
  • Bluetooth 4.0, range is excellent.

The Bad

  • Radio function is a bit crude, lacking presets and no auto search.
  • Locked into apple software to add media.
  • Customers report that it is not directly compatible with some docking stations and may need an expensive adapter.


Customer Comments

I bought one of these for a friend who wanted a good quality mp3 player, and is a bit of an Apple fan (ie they like their stuff)
First thing that hits you is just how tiny this little beast is, it's a mere 5mm thick too which makes it very portable and easy to carry around.

It's a very solid player overall, though it's not cheap...
A quick summary of the good and bad points

+ Very compact, nicely made case feels quality in the hand
+ Headphones much improved over previous Apple buds (new "Earpods" are quite good) though not as good as some stand alone sets
+ Screen is a fairly respectable 2.5" 432x240 pixel display quite sharp and clear, very good touch screen response quite accurate
+ Pedometer is built in if you fancy keeping track of your fitness/walking
+ Bluetooth 4.0, range is excellent and I had no problems with streaming music

Not so hot:
- Radio function is a bit crude, lacking presets and no auto search (also required the headphones to be plugged in) It does have a live pause function though (which is unusual and useful)
- Wifi would be handy (maybe the next version)
- Have to use iTunes to sync, drag and drop can be handy for video

Other notes:
Lightning connector is a change from the older iPods so you have to buy an adapter (which isn't cheap) to fit most iPod docks. However you do have bluetooth which can make that a non issue.
Battery life is good for music playback (Apple say about 30 hours it's not far off that) expect a fair bit less with video playback though (enough to watch a movie or 2 at best, say 3 hours or so)

You can watch movies and look at photos (display is quite reasonable for movie watching but it's not super high res either)
Sound quality is good, though not high end audio by any means. Some people will find the new Earpods not their taste, I get on ok with them but some friends are not keen at all. Comfort wise it's down to taste.

It's quite a simple player in many ways no fancy features really, but it does the job well overall. Price wise, there are certainly cheaper options out there, but many feel Apple deliver in terms of quality and style.