Panasonic KX-TG8062EB Twin Colour DECT Phone Set with Answer Machine


      • Caller ID with Incoming call barring & Night mode.
      • Noise reduction Key.
      • 120 Name and number phonebook.
      • Advanced Alarm clock.
      • 15Hrs Talktime & 170Hrs Standby time

The Good

      • Large clear display.
      • Large keypad.
      • Easy to use.
      • Loud speakerphone.
      • Looks great and sturdy build quality.
      • Panasonic's reputation for reliability.
      • great battery life.
      • easy to programme.

The Bad

      • no answering machine.
      • Some users complain about the sound quality(this can be due to the area its used).
      • Ring tones are dated.


Customer Comments

I have been using a Panasonic cordless phone for some years now, in fact it was a previous version of this very phone albeit about 3 generations older. Unfortunately I had neither the instruction booklet or a second handset as it was acquired second hand. So when it came time to get a second handset I thought 'why not upgrade while I am at it?'. So I began researching various makes and models, reading specifications and reviews, comparing prices etc etc. In the end, after much thought, I opted to stick with Panasonic as I was already aware of their reliability and quality. Thankfully, they didn't disappoint.

This is an excellent twin-pack cordless phone and the price Amazon charged for it was, in some cases, 50% of what it might cost elsewhere! It is sleek, light weight and robust. In function it is almost the same as the mobile phones of 5 years ago, before the introduction of the touchscreen smart phones. Very simple to use and configure after just a quick browse through the manual and packed with features to make it highly versatile without complicating its operation.

The Answering machine base station is small and easy to use, aided by the fact that all the settings for using it can be managed and controlled from either handset. Transferring of phone book contacts from one handset to another is done at the press of a button which saves having to enter them manually for each handset, and the number of contacts the memory can hold is impressive.

The in-call volume and clarity are exceptional and most of the time I leave the volume turned all the way down and can still hear the other person clearly. There is even a simple bass/treble adjustment to enhance it pitch and clarify the voice further, but I simply havn't needed it. The handsfree speakerphone is of such a good quality that during a phone call to someone I switched it and they never even noticed! All they heard, in retrospective examination, was a tiny click on the line. The same thing happened when I switched back to the handset without warning. I also found the microphone sensitivity when using the speakerphone was set perfectly. I could put the phone down and continue the conversation while my hands were busy doing something else and not have to worry about whether my voice was being transmitted or about the quality of the transmission. Even when I was a few meters away from the handset.

The ECO function to reduce transmission power is also excellent. I mean, who needs a house phone that can transmit 300 meters? As if you are going to need that much distance? Unless you have a VERY big garden! I switched on the ECO function and have no problem making and receiving calls from any handset from any place in the house or garden of an end of terrace house, or even if I am in the garage. The belt clips provided are secure and easy to fit as they just clip into place. Very handy.

Battery life? If you don't use the phone much a single charge will probably last a week or so. Constant use will of course drain it faster, partly due to the bright colour screen, but no more than it would do with any modern mobile phone. The screen does switch off when the phone is not in use and saves a lot of power.

Registering an additional handset with base station is done at the simple touch of a button. It has an fine intercom function to call between handsets or transfer calls. It even has a privacy function so once the call has been forwarded to the other handset, that person can disconnect from other handsets during the call, stopping them from listening in on your conversation. Handy if you have nosey teenagers in the house no doubt. The handsets also have security numbers (if you want to use them) to add another level of privacy. So does the base station in fact, which is necessary if you want to remotely listen to and manage you answer messages.

So, all-in-all this is a truly excellent cordless phone. Except for one thing. The same thing that plagues almost every phone you will buy, whether house, cordless or mobile:

The ringtones are simply NAFF!!

There are 40 ringtones on this phone, but 30 of them are the stupid musical jingles that nobody over the age of 20 really wants. Which is odd, because if you are young enough to like that sort of thing, then you are too young to need a house phone of your own. Again though, having teenagers in the house would explain their presence. albeit in an unnecessary quantity.

Of the remaining 10 ringtones, well, they are not especially good. 5 of them tend to grate on the nerves. The last 5 (or first 5 according to the order they appear on the phone) were more of a standard ringing sound. Perfectly usable for the average person. In my case however, having an elderly relative living with me, 2 of those simply couldn't be heard as they were too high in pitch. The relative I speak of has hearing trouble and cannot distinguish high pitched sounds very easily.

Basically, of the 40 ringtones available on the phone, only a maximum of 5 are of any use to me although I am sure younger people will feel differently. It is not helped by the fact that you cannot add your own ringtones to phone and that the actual ringing volume is nothing special. While it is technically loud enough, the very pitch of the electronically generated ringtones seems to adversely affect their ability to carry through longer distances or in a noisy environment.

Don't let that little thing put you off though. You won't find any other cordless phone to be any different. It seems to be a fashion thing, this need for ringtones that get on your nerves. It perhaps is also limited because ringtones are generated electronically rather than by use of a physical bell, so you simply are not going to find other phones any better.

SO. In conclusion. I have rated this product at 5 stars despite the ringtone deficiencies because that is a problem all phones have.

This cordless DECT twin-pack from Panasonic is, to use a word that I have probably repeated too many times already, simple EXCELLENT. I wouldn't even consider other makes. Unless you have £300 to spend and no sense of the value of money.

Thank you Panasonic for the product.