Serious user 10x50 binoculars with fully coated optics for all uses including birdwatching, astronomy, sports and wildlife. 10 x 50 high power magnification.


  • High Magnification for Freehand Use. (Any higher than 10x50 would normally need a tripod). They have a special anti glare optical coating. Eyecups can be adjusted for spectacle wearers. Fully Coated lenses mean greater clarity.
  • Perfect for sports, wildlife or travel. Adjustable width for different size faces.
  • Can be tripod mounted. Exceptional value. Would make an excellent gift. The light weight means you can hold them up for longer than many other binoculars.
  • Comes with nylon carry case which has an adjustable strap, a binocular neck strap and 4 lens covers.
  • Excellent quality and clarity of vision for such a low price. 10 Year Warranty. These Binoculars are all individually checked before posting. For serious users, most binoculars in this price range are just toys, these are quality binoculars. Fully coated optics. Quality BAK7 Prisms. 10 x 50 Binoculars. Porro Prism Design. Lightweight alloy with rubber/plastic covering. Only 685g weight meaning you can hold them up for longer. Many 10 x 50 Binoculars weigh twice as much and can be hard to hold up without a tripod. These are "proper" binoculars and the image clarity is fantastic for the price. Recommended by Astronomers and Wildlife enthusiasts alike.

The Good

  • Most customers report the product is much better then they expected.
  • Surprising quality viewing for this price point.
  • Well made considering the price.

The Bad

  • The 4 lens caps are a bit flimsy.
  • The neck strap and the case shoulder strap are both a few cm too short.

Customer Comments

Maybe, like me, you're looking for binoculars for astronomy but don't know much about astronomy yet and are just starting out? You might also be wondering "if I buy them what will I actually see"? I've written this review to try and tell you (wish someone had done this for me).

You, like me, probably keep reading that you should buy the best you can afford and people talk about spending at least £75 on anything "worthwhile". Maybe I'm a cheapskate but, I thought, for this price, I'd try these first and upgrade if I had to. If this sounds like the decision you're trying to make then I'd say these are great value for money and "good enough" for a rank amateur astronomy starter like me.

Look, I don't know about barrel distortion or chromatic aberration or what have you. I was just trying to work out if I should pay £100 for 10x50 bins or get these low price ones and figure you (the reader) might be making that decision too. No doubt people more expert than I would complain about them and they don't instill too much confidence when they arrive, perhaps, but I can see crisp images of moon craters and if I mount them on a tripod (see bottom of review) I can even convince myself I've seen Jupiter's moon's. I can definitely see the Orion nebula (hey, look, it really isn't just a star) and the Pleiades simply pop out at you (so many stars in one place). OK, so the Andromeda galaxy is still just a smudge but it's a definite "something that looks like an oval mini-cloud" not a "have I seen it or not" averted gaze "wisp".

Am I pleased with them? Yes I am. Would I recommend them to you? Yes I would.

Do I think I'll grow out of them and want something more in 3 to 6 months? No, don't think I will.

Will I grow out of them and want more in a year or so? Yes, I'll probably get a telescope if I've still "got the astronomy bug", but I'll have seen loads of stuff by then for much less than spending £100+ and, if I don't "get the astronomy bug" then I've not spent a fortune and can use them for bird-watching and sports (also impressive for that too)...

Footnote on tripod mounting: You will need to buy an L-adaptor but they do have a tripod mounting screw socket to use one with - wasn't clear from the pictures so thought I'd pass that on

♦ ♦ ♦
I decided on this product largely because the reviews were mostly very positive and the price was very low for this type of item. I was concerned that there may be parallax issues (where one lens points in a slightly different direction to the other causing a doubling of the image). Small amounts of parallax are common with binoculars, particularly in the lower price range. I cannot detect the slightest amount of this - quality and accuracy of build has to be very good to get no detectable parallax. I was also concerned that image resolution may be poor, or that there may be some peripheral distortion. However, the optics show no sign of this at all. Again, it takes good quality of build and precise optical alignment to get this level of image clarity and lack of distortion. The lenses are also coated which ensures good clarity and contrast. Overall, I am extremely impressed with the optical performance of these binoculars, I would have expected to pay 3 to 4 times the price for this level of quality. The delivery was also quick, ordered on Friday and delivered the following Monday morning.

However, there were a couple of very minor things that could have been better. The 4 lens caps are a bit flimsy. The neck strap and the case shoulder strap are both a few cm too short, but just about adequate. The case therefore hangs under the elbow rather than on the hip, and the binoculars hang a little too close to the chin rather than the lower chest area. Small issues though, and alternative straps are readily available and are not at all expensive.

Overall, I am very impressed with the product and with the service. I would highly recommend this item and one should not be alarmed at the low price. They have a magnification of 10x, which is about as high as you want for handheld use, but they can also be mounted on a tripod for steadier viewing. They have 50mm objective lenses which is about the maximum I would choose for handheld use, any larger they can become too heavy. I am very pleased with my purchase.