Apple MD199B/A TV


  • Rent from the largest selection of HD movies.
  • Browse and play YouTube and Vimeo videos, access online Flickr photos, and listen to Internet radio.
  • View the most recent photos taken on your iOS device and pushed to your Photo Stream in iCloud.
  • Wirelessly stream content from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your widescreen TV.3
  • Sleek design that’s small, quiet, and energy efficient.

The Good

  • Connects seamlessly to the iPhone and Macintosh and Windows PC.
  • Intuitive onscreen menu system - with aluminum remote.
  • Mirrors iPhone - play games/browse/Watch Movies on iPhone/Pad/Pod in full 1080p HD on your TV wirelessly.
  • A better option than smart TV.
  • Great Build quality.

The Bad

  • Limited available apps for this product.
  • May not be as useful as you think. Researching what you will use it for is recommended.


Customer Comments

Let me start by putting it bluntly, for the benefit of people reading reviews who want to know whether to buy this or not.
YES, buy it and here's a short summary.

Small discreet and beautifully made box.
HDMi 1080p and S/PDIF output.
Easy to connect and set up.
Intuitive onscreen menu system - with aluminium remote.
iTunes Movie/Music, Flickr, Vimeo, Youtube, Netflix etc
Connects seamlessly to the iPhone and Macintosh and Windows PC (I have discovered)
Mirrors iPhone - play games/browse/Watch Movies on iPhone/Pad/Pod in full 1080p HD on your TV wirelessly.
Mirrors Macintosh (with OS X Mountain Lion+) Mirror your iMac or Powermac Pro screen!
Very stable and quick.
Does not compete with but adds another dimension to Virgin TiVo/Sky etc
Discards the need for a complicated and unintuitive "Smart TV".

Watch AMAZON PRIME INSTANT VIDEO too - by streaming it from iMac to TV in lounge (mirror iMac screen)

**UPDATE. ** Apple had updated Apple TV to v. 6.0 which gives iOS7 compatibility, iCloud compatibility so you can play your Cloud purchases anywhere and added photo podcasts radio video music cloud services plus more content and channels - Thank you Apple! :)

**AND Apple continues to update this, as of March 2014 this is still the latest model too.**

A bargain price for what you get and Amazon are approx 20 - 30 % cheaper than Sainsbury/Tesco etc.

My purchase started as I was wondering how I'd wire my iPhone 5 to my new Virgin Media TiVo box.

The TiVo connects to the iPhone for Youtube but I discovered that there's no way to connect the iPhone so I couldn't watch my video Films contained on the iPhone or purchased through iTunes through my TiVo on my main TV.

Someone told me that Apple TV is what I need to watch my Video's on my iPhone and purchased through iTunes on my TV in my living room.

I assumed Apple TV was how it was years back - a down graded Aluminium Mac Mini with inbuilt Hard Drive.
Checking the Web I see that it is no longer thus, but has evolved and shrunk into something different.

I bought it, 2012 Apple TV v.3, bargain from Amazon - being 20% cheaper than Argos/Sainsbury/Tesco etc.

It came in a small smart box a la iPhone and opening it revealed a tiny beautifully made black gadget with a nice looking bendy power cable and plug.
Along with a funky aluminium remote control.

It was simple to wire up to my Pioneer AV Amp and TV - it has optical S/PDIF and HDMi out.

I turned the power on, tuned the TV onto a HDMi channel and was presented with the set-up wizard.
Again, easy to go through the options and set up, taking a few minutes and all straight forward.
It connects to a wired or wireless network.

I was then given a HUGE bonus - I discovered that the Apple TV has an option called 'Computer" on the menu.
I was able to easily sync it wirelessly to my Macintosh computer (an Apple iMac 2012).

Wow! My Macintosh is upstairs, wired into the Ethernet, and my iPhone is Wireless as is my Apple TV (which is downstairs) - but all three manage to synchronise effortlessly with each other - built for each other.

I was all of a sudden able to access my Video's and Music on my Macintosh - and play it all seamlessly just from the main Menu on Apple TV which also includes iTunes Movie Store and Rentals, Youtube, Flickr, Vimeo and Netflix along with other options.

I find out that I can also mirror my iMac - completely on my TV downstairs!
So for example, watching AMAZON PRIME streaming movies on my Macintosh I am able to mirror downstairs on my TV in the lounge.

Netflix connects using ones Apple ID - again effortlessly.

The On-Screen Menu driven system is so easy, nicely laid out, intuitive - with all options, settings and channels available, allowing me to navigate channels or my iPhone or Macintosh too.


All of a sudden my TV was a complete entertainment system - not only did I have the excellent Virgin Media TiVo with all services, I also had the icing on the cake - the Apple TV which gave me everything else the TiVo lacked and complete connectivity with my Mac and iPhone 5 - in a tiny package - the Apple TV box covers a miniscule and discreet amount of real estate, and with DTS/Dolby Digital 5.1 sound.

I then discovered another outstanding feature - Airplay Mirroring with my iPhone.

A simple double tap and slide reveals the Apple TV option on my iPhone - I am then able to 'mirror' the iPhone on my TV - and when I say Mirror I mean EVERYTHING!
Yes, Video's are played seamlessly with no lagging. Browsing the Web with safari or any other iOS browser is full screen at high resolution - and colour fidelity is superb.

Games are full screen at high resolution - Virtua Tennis was brilliant, as was Stick Tennis (Only Arcade games I have on the iPhone) - full screen and perfectly playable and I was astounded at this feature.

Mirroring is a brilliant feature - and if you have 10.8 Mountain Lion on your Macintosh - you can Mirror your mac screen too - wirelessly and watch play etc.

I was most pleased, not only was I able to play my video's and music from my 7.1 set up down stairs syncing with my Macintosh and iPhone, but I was also able to browse and play games Full Screen in HD.

All for under £80.

SET UP with A/V Amp and TV

Connecting is easy. It depends upon how many HDMi and Optical IN sockets you have at the back of your Amp.
I haven't many so was forced to HDMI into my TV from the Apple TV and Optical into the Optical in for DVD/SAT in my Pioneer Amp - so if I select DVD/SAT on my Amp it'll play the sound in Dolby Pro Logic.
The sound quality is excellent (depends on your set up too) Apple have always used the BEST audio standards for their gear and this is no exception.


Not many at all - so impressed am i at what this box provides that I'm being really pedantic here.

Games - ever so slight lag playing fast action games such as Virtua Tennis when mirroring - but this in no way effects Gameplay.

Channels - If I didn't have a TiVo box I'd have wished for BBC iPlayer or ITV Player too, and other extra channels.

I have no idea how this connects with non Macintosh computers and handheld devices (such as Windows and Google).

I think I'm a bit too connected - in this day and age of NSA/GCHQ monitoring and PRISM my whole leisure time and TV time is available for scrutiny by whoever has the ability, and Apple TV is another cog in this Orwellian nightmare which is unfolding.


Overall - excellent, worth every penny, brings extra dimension to TV and adds to Sky/Virgin/Cable and a worthy investment.

Apple does it again, BETTER than anyone else.


This is seriously brilliant, took it on Holiday, stayed in B&B with WiFi - plugged this into the TV, synced it with my iPhone and voila - Netflix etc movies etc in Hotel Room!