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  Cheapest Android KitKat - NEW Polatab Elite Q10.1" Android 4.4 (KitKat) Tablet PC QUAD-CORE CPU - POWERFUL GPU - 16GB STORAGE - SLEEK DESIGN - BLUETOOTH - FLAT 50% OFF


  • 1GB RAM and 16GB STORAGE.

The Good

  • Its fast and responsive.
  • HDMI port out so you can connect it to a TV etc.
  • Great battery life.
  • Excellent product for the price.

The Bad

  • None.


Customer Comments

I Took a chance with this tablet.. I actually have 2 of them now. The reasons for 2..
It's fast, both in normal use and with its graphics in games.
Lots of features like HDMI out, micro sd slot, g sensor and ability to be charged from its normal port or the usb slot (need a 2amp usb charger though).
The WiFi on it is fast and the Bluetooth works well.
I have plugged into this tablet a 4 port USB hub and then ran both a full size keyboard and an optical mouse from the hub with no problems. A mouse cursor appears on the tablet screen, it's just like using a computer!
I have also plugged into it a USB stick and watched media from it. Also streamed movies from Netflix over the WiFi and from tethered WiFi mobiles with no problems.
The battery life while on Netflix on WiFi was over 4.5 hours. I still had about 25% battery life but not the time to sit for another movie to see if the last 25% drops fast like on some phones.

What's in the box....
UK 3 pin plug power charger for connection to the non USB power point on the tablet.
Micro USB adaptor so you can plug in standard USB devices (keyboard or mouse etc.)
USB cable ( micro USB at one end and standard connector at other) this is so you can connect the tablet to your PC to download or upload data / media.
Very basic setup book and the Tablet.

If I could improve anything with this fun, easy to use tablet it is the not very loud speakers on it.
If you are in a room that is not quite you may have trouble hearing it even on full volume. Add a case that covers the back and its even worse. Luckily the tablet has a headphone socket and Bluetooth so you can use those to connect in an external powered portable speaker and that problem is solved.

Problem 2 is the screen. If you look at the screen in portrait mode, the side viewing angle is not great. This is not that much of an issue as most of the time you will be using it in landscape. Which I find has no problems. The screen is OK. It's not Samsung or Apple quality but then again this is less that a quarter of the price. it is NOT made from gorilla glass or those high strength materials either. So invest in a proper screen protector else it WILL get scratched.

Problem 3 is that everything you install from Google play goes on the tablet storage and you have to go into the storage App list and tell it to move them to your SD card else you will run out of space fast.

I would happily buy this product for family or friends as a gift.. as I have done with the second one I bought.

I can't comment on the customer service of the company as I have not had to deal with them.

♦ ♦ ♦

I wanted this as a second cheap tablet that I could take with me on my trips away and chuck around a bit without worrying too much about breaking or losing it . (My wife has a high-end dell XPS 10 Windows RT Tablet, which is very good and much underrated!, so I will understandably compare it to that). Firstly, I did not have the "wouldn't charge without cutting away a bit of plastic issue" reported elsewhere here, it worked straight out of the box. I already had a Google account, so signed into that straight away, no issues. At first I couldn't get into the "Play Store", until I realised that if you have set up your google account with something other than a Google mail log-in, (mine was hotmail address) you can't access the store. I upgraded my google account by adding a googlemail address, and hey presto, no problems. (I am not experienced with Android, so this shouldn't be a problem to regular users!). The display is 1200 X 600, which is adequate for everyday browsing. Sound quality is very good, especially through ear phones, I would say as good as the Dell. Display is not as good as the Dell, but surprisingly good for the price. Build Quality and performance is also surprisingly good for the price and given some of the reports I have read on these Chinese Tablets, the battery lasted a lot longer than I thought it would. Downloaded all the usual Apps straight away, and all worked fine, receives wireless signal very well, no issues. Did I mention the performance! IT'S VERY GOOD!. You can't really compare this to a "High End" Tablet, but whilst there is a very big price difference, there's not a lot of difference in quality and performance. It does everything I need it to, at a fraction of the cost! I'm very happy.

♦ ♦ ♦

I bought this tablet on the basis of the numerous 5 star reviews it has here and elsewhere. Unfortunately after using it for 4 weeks I have to say it hasn't lived up to those reviews. I should point out here that I eventually had to return the tablet due to a hardware fault as the display kept shutting off and couldn't be awoken until the tablet was restarted as well the device kept resetting itself at random but my review would be poor regardless of these faults.

The first issue I have is with the screen. As others pointed out you have to be looking at it at the exact right angle to be able to see things properly and you'll find yourself constantly tilted it trying to get it right. The resolution is also very poor, small text looks jagged and images are pixelated. Even high quality video like Netflix looks awful. Further to this the speaker on the back is whisper quiet so even watching things in bed requires headphones.

The other issue I had with this tablet is that is arrives rooted at a factory level which isn't mentioned in the specs. This means that apps such as Sky Player and Blinkbox won't work due to rooted devices being too easily used to illegally obtain movies. This can't be resolved. I also believe the rooting issue is why Chromecast functionality is very patchy and unreliable. It works fine with YouTube but Netflix, BubbleuPnP and BBC iPlayer all had problems.

Other problems I had with the tablet:
- Playing videos from the external SD card is choppy, unreliable and doesn't work with the provided video player app (I had to use VLC instead)
- External SD card became corrupted and had to be formatted (this could be the card itself though)
- Battery life noticeably weakened over the 4 weeks I had it
- The cameras aren't just poor, they're completely unusable. On a par with the first camera phones.

Obviously some of these issues you might expect for the low price and I would say that the tablet does have some strengths; the processor power is as good as the high end tablets and the HDMI output works well but ultimately these don't cover up the numerous faults I found with this device.