• Dilution Rate: 20ml per 1 litre water
  • Active Ingredients: 360g/L glyphosate
  • Excellent chemical
  • Will kill any weeds and plant material

The Good

  • Excellent product, does what it says on the tin very well.

The Bad

  • None.

Customer Comments

Rosate 36 contains the same amount of glyphosate as you will find in total clear and/or tree stump killer at a fraction of their price,
you dilute it at a rate of 20ml of Rosate to 1litre of water or if its something more stubborn you are after killing cut a section of bark off and make a small incision downwards to make a little pouch and pour if you have a mini dosing syringe/or paint with a brush some neat Rosate, you will need to repeat this several times over a couple of weeks, if you are spraying onto a waxy leaf like ivy adding a couple of drops of washing up liquid will help it adhere to the leaf as it breaks the surface tension of the water also making sure you spray the underneath of the leaves helps to, glyphosate will kill almost anything using the correct dosage and sometimes you have to repeat spray but it enters the leaves and makes its way down to the roots so it can take over a fortnight to work so be patient if it looks like it has not worked after two weeks then treat again.

♦ ♦ ♦

This really does work! the mixture needs to be a little stronger than suggested, but really does kill off bind weed and other hard to kill weeds, extremely effective and very cost effective too!