Aqua Optima Galia Sky Blue Water Filter Jug with 6x 60-day filters, 1 year pack


  • Total capacity 2.5 litres.
  • Designed to fit into fridge door.
  • Easy pour through lid.
  • Filter life indicator.
  • Includes 6x Aqua Optima 60-day-filters = 1 year supply.

The Good

  • Excellent quality Jug for the price.
  • Water from the jug tastes great.
  • Very competitive replacement filter price.
  • Amazing value.

The Bad

  • None.

Customer Comments

 The Aqua Optima jug with the added extras of a 6 pack double life cartridges was the best purchase I have made.
The filter is very easy to use, the jug has a good water capacity, 1 litre, and the fact that the cartridges are double life saves the money. There is a manual dial on the top that you set with the month that you need to change the filter.
Great value filter at an entry level price.

♦ ♦ ♦

I have been using filter jugs a few years now and I remember when I was purchasing I could not find good comparative reviews, which is what I will try to do now.
So, I am concurrently using this Aqua Optima jug with a Brita Marella jug, and in the past (while in the US) I had used a PUR filter jug. Therefore I can compare this to the Brita quite effectively, and also compare to my PUR experience.
Of course, I don't have a lab to measure the actual filtration performance and will have to stick to what is perceivable to a regular user.

Review Spoiler: I find it a great jug at an excellent price, better than Brita. Let's do a quick analysis.

This is the most important aspect for me and Aqua Optima does very well, it gives me water that is not far from good spring water. I had a similar experience with PUR filters, while Brita gives me water with a slight yet distinctive taste (which I can recognize in a blind test).

-Filtration speed:
Aqua Optima is the fastest of my jugs, with Brita second and PUR the slowest (especially when the filter is getting old).

It does not look as good as my Brita, but has better functionality (i.e. no problems) and more filtered water capacity for the same size.

-Filter replacement:
Brita has a fancy electronic countdown timer, while this Aqua Optima has a less fancy manual dial where you set the current month to help you remember when to change the filter. I am not crazy about either of these methods since the PUR water filters I used would come with a built in indicator that was dependent of the actual filtered water. For example, during the winter I change filters less often than during the summer (due to about half usage), which means Brita/Aqua Optima indicators are not very useful to me. The PUR filters would simply tell me when I had filtered enough water and it was time to change.

It is cheaper than Brita (esp. if you buy double life filters), and as I said it seems to me that it is better too. So, I judge it to be a bargain!

Summing up:
Again, I cannot judge the chemical composition of the water that comes out of these filters, so I simply rely to my taste buds which tell me the Aqua Optima water tastes great, as clean water should. If you can get PUR (e.g. in the US) you will also have great tasting water, while Aqua Optima is also very fast if that is something that appeals to you.