RayGar® 6 VACUUM COMPRESSED STORAGE SAVING SPACE BAGS 100 X 80 CM Clothing, Duvets, Bedding, Pillows, Curtains


  • Only remove the small outer screw cap.
  • Removal of the whole cap may result in the small clear valve seal to drop out.
  • This clear valve is needed for the bags to be used correctly.
  • Only the outer cap should be unscrewed, and the protective seal then automatically closes the valve when you remove the vacuum nozzle.

The Good

  • Good size and easy to use.

The Bad

  • Puncture easily.
  • Issues with inflation.

 Customer Comments

I recently made three separate purchases of these bags from Raygar, via Amazon, in sizes 90x50, 130x90 and 100x80.
I found them all easy to easy to use. Although the instructions appear comprehensive , they are missing some small but essential details . There are two removable caps; the large outer one is a securing ring that retains the transparent plastic valve membrane . Prior to deflating the bag you need to check that the membrane is centred (covering the hole) , before securing it with the larger ring . Then you are ok to suck the air out with a vacuum cleaner, before inserting and tightening the smaller stopper. I've found it best to use the lowest setting on the vacuum and to pause part way through the process , to reshape and flatten the bag and contents, making it easier to store.
For practicable everyday use, I'd recommend the 90x50 and 100x80 sizes. Blankets and single quilts will fit in the former, but for large double or king size, you'll need the 100x80. So far I've found only limited used for the very large 130x90 size, such as for storing garden furniture cushions.
Once packed and stored I remove and store the blue plastic `zip fastener' clips as they are easily knocked off and lost. Apart from these minor observations, I'm generally very pleased with the design and quality of this product.

♦ ♦ ♦

Purchases these and they arrived last weekend,looked ok and we fitted all items we wanted to store. Followed the instructions and was a success, till the following day all bags were inflated. Repeated again and all deflated but then Today all inflated so given up after 4 days of trying. WASTE OF MONEY :-(

♦ ♦ ♦

Out of the six bags purchased only four successfully sealed which was disappointing The ones which worked we were pleased with but due to putting into storage foe six months we cannot give a final review to see if the vacuum valve worked.