Panasonic TX-50A400B 50-inch Widescreen 1080p Full HD LED TV with Freeview


  • Panasonic TX-50A400B Full HD 1080p Slim LED with Narrow Bezel - This is a slim and stylish TV with a very narrow frame around the screen that will look great in many different rooms and homes. As well as being slimline, LED TVs produce bright, eye-catching pictures and use less energy than traditional LCD or Plasma TVs.
  • Built in Freeview HD Turner for free-to-air viewing in High Definition.
  • 100hz Back-Light Blinking switches the backlight off between frames to hide the lag whilst the TV panel responds.
  • High Contrast - Dedicated processing in the TV improves the contrast, making the dark areas seem rich and deep and the bright areas stand out. Higher contrast makes detail easier to see and brings out the full depth of an HD TV.
  • USB Connection - A handy USB slot allows you to view your digital photos and movies on the big screen. It will even play your digital music from a USB stick.

The Good

  • Great picture quality.
  • Fantastic value.
  • Excellent built in media player.
  • Works great with game consoles.
  • Built in HD freeview.
  • Simple setup.

The Bad

  • Doesn't have smart functionality.
  • The sound is tinny and bass light.


Customer Comments

Well it looks like I'm the first person to review this TV so I'll keep it short and sweet.

Good points:

The picture. Out the box it's amazing for a computer game, but for more realistic colours and softer viewing I just needed to adjust the TV settings to something a little less garish and bright. This isn't a fault, it's set to what most people like these days at switch on. It's got a better picture than my previous viera TV and cost half the price! Sound is OK for a slim TV with some tone adjustments. I didn't need a smart TV as I just use my TV as a monitor, I don't even use the TV's tuner. Most people these days use roku, sky, humax etc so having a multitude of internet added apps just seems a waste as I never used them on the previous TV. Despite tech specs this TV does have an ethernet connection although I have no idea what it's for.

Bad points:

Only 2 HDMI inputs. A bit stingy to say the least but it's enough for my set top box and ps3.

TV gets 5 stars and I'm far from disappointed. Excellent if you don't need all the bangs and whistles (that you'll never use)

♦ ♦ ♦

Used to flat screen tvs of even a few years ago, the first very pleasant shock on receiving this tv is how light this 39" tv is, circa 10kg. Light enough for me to easily carry single handed and for me to also mount it with no difficulty on a plaster board faced hollow wall! See photos.

The screen bezel is very small which contributes to a pleasing overall appearance.

Auto-tuning was quick and painless with Freeview HD giving excellent results. Connecting to a Sky HD box via one of the two HDMI sockets was easy , even with the wall mounted TV offering limited space for cables. One issue(not the fault of theTV) was that it could not automatically detect the Sky box and switch to the HDMI input. A problem I believe with the Sky box not sending the appropriate signal as opposed to the TV. It was very easy in any case to switch on the remote from 'TV' to 'AV" as the two buttons are side by side at the top of the remote.

Picture quality out of the box needed some adjustment which was easily done using the compact remote control and a bit of trial and error. In common with most TVs, the picture 'as is' out of the box is quite vivid and we found that taking the 'normal' picture setting more towards the true cinema settings resulted in an excellent lifelike picture. And if you get carried away, it is easy to reset the tv back to shipping condition and start again! Certainly the combination of the news channels, Wimbledon and the World Cup confirmed that the final picture settings were more than satisfactory.

Viewing angle in common with all LED sets is not as good as a plasma set (although plasmas are getting rarer and rarer now) and we found that at more extreme angles, the colours would fade out. If in doubt, see it in action before committing.

Sound quality is everything that you can expect from an ultra slimline affordable TV but, in all honesty, we have found it perfectly satisfactory for its use in a second room. If you crave surround sound, check that the available sockets (digital, HDMI ARC) meet your requirements lest you need to upgrade to a more fully featured tv.

No smart capabilities (i.e. no internet access/apps) but many people can access these via their set top box so no great hardship there. If you want a smart tv, look further up the range. Software updates are however done via the internet (ethernet port) but none are available yet.

Only two HDMI sockets which may be limiting to some if for example you have a games console, satellite box and blu-ray player.

Power consumption is low.

Our one small irritation is that to completely switch off the tv requires pressing of the side mounted on/off button for a few seconds. Get it wrong and it restarts the tv. Not a huge issue though .

Overall, a very good very basic TV that gives excellent picture quality but none of the 'smart' web based frills that have appeared on sets in recent years. If you simply want a full HD Freeview HD set, then this is well worth considering.