Salter Slim Design Electronic Platform Kitchen Scale, Black


  • Suitable for both dry ingredients and liquids.
  • Measures up to 5kg in 1g, 11lb in 1/10oz, 5l in 1ml and 175 fl oz in 1/10fl oz increments.
  • Add-and-weigh function for multiple ingredients.
  • Stainless steel platform and clear, easy-read LCD display.
  • 1 CR2 batteries required (Included).

The Good

  • Excellent product for the price.
  • The weight reading on the LCD is quite large and easy to read.
  • Compact enough to put in a drawer yet large enough to take all the usual items for everyday cooking.
  • Very accurate and sensitive to to even the smallest amounts.

The Bad

  • Bowls tend to obscure the display.

Customer Comments

 So why didn't I give five stars?

1. For what looks and operates like a high-tech gadget, it feels rather cheaply made with rattly buttons and what feels like low quality plastic everywhere except the round platform area. They are inexpensive, it's true, but that's no excuse - if they were made in Japan they'd feel as good as they look and still not be expensive.

2. The right hand button, which switched between units, would be more convenient if it only switched between grams and pounds/ounces. Instead it goes through four options - two of which are completely pointless. These other two are milliliters and fluid-ounces. However, these are actually measures of volume, not weight, so don't really belong on scales. They're pointless because they assume (it explains in the instructions) that the density of the liquid being measured is the same as water. So - surprise, surprise - a fluid ounce of water is actually the volume of water that weights 1 oz, and a milliliter of water is the volume that weighs 1 g. In other words, these two capacity settings just read the same as the weight settings and are therefore totally superfluous (the only difference is that "fluid ounces" shows only ounces, whereas the weight setting shows pounds and ounces). As the units markings on the display are extremely small (illegible to anyone over 45 not wearing reading glasses), I'd really much rather the scales had only two settings - metric and imperial, and a press of the right button would simple switch between them, so you'd always know were you were.

By the way, the weight reading on the LCD is quite large and easy to read.

They're best suited to smaller weighing tasks as the flat and fairly small platform means that if you put a large plate on it, you'll have trouble seeing the display. For us this is fine - if I want a pound of flour to make bread, I'll use the old-fashioned scales, but when I want to weigh one slice of bread, I'll use the digital scale.

For £15 I don't hesitate - no kitchen should be without this type of scale.

*** Update one year later...

Well, as I said in my review, functionally these scales are great and a revelation if you're used to traditional kitchen scales. I used them most days and even took them away on our holidays. However, almost exactly one year on they failed, with the same symptom that I've seen described by others: when you first switch them on, or reset them, the display shows a zero weight initially but then starts counting upwards, never settling and never able to be set back to zero for more than a few seconds.

I suppose I should invoke the 15 year warranty that I believe they came with but I can't really be bothered. I've bought some new ones - this time the Duronic ones that are highly rated here; they're functionally almost identical but look and feel nicer in use. I wonder if they'll last more than a year - I expect so!