Andrew James Ice Cream, Sorbet and Frozen Yoghurt Maker Machine 1.45 Litre + 128 Page Recipe Book - As voted "Best Buy" Ice Cream Maker



  • Winner of the Daily Mirror's Ice Cream Maker test (05.08.2014). The Ice Cream Maker was also recently voted by The Independent Newspaper as being in The Top Ten Best Ice Cream Makers.
  • The Andrew James ice cream machine makes delicious homemade ice cream in only 20-30 minutes.
  • Includes 128 page recipe book packed with delicious recipes , written by Annette Yates.
  • Fast freezing insulated bowl with a large 1.45 litre capacity.
  • Makes ice cream, sorbet and frozen yoghurt. extra large ingredient funnel.

The Good

  • Makes great ice cream.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Great value for money.

The Bad

  • The bowl will take up space in your freezer so you need a decent sized freezer.

Customer Comments

 Oh. My. Word. I've just made the coffee and walnut ice cream (minus the walnuts) from the Andrew James recipe book supplied with the icecream maker, and it was most definitely on a par with the haagen daaz coffee ice cream. Absolutely dreamy and out of this world. I did have a bad start with my first attempt though.

On the second attempt, I hid the inner bowl in the middle of the freezer and on the middle shelf, surrounded (and filled) with bags of peas and frozen foods to ensure the bowl got really really cold. (It didn't seem to get that cold on first attempt, even though it was in the freezer overnight). I'm definitely going to keep the inner bowl in the freezer permanently, then I know it's always ready to go. I also don't think my 'coffee' mixture cooled down sufficiently in the fridge within 30 mins (as the book had suggested), even though it was cool before I even put it in the fridge for the 30 mins.

Again, on second attempt, I pre-made the mixture and left it at the back of the fridge overnight to ensure it really was cold. Once the mixture was in the machine, the consistency thickened up fairly quickly and I took the ice cream out (with a wooden spoon - you shouldn't use metal utensils inside it) within about 25 minutes thinking it looked thick enough but it was still really quite 'soft scoop', so I popped it into another container and then into the freezer. When we came to eat it, about 3 hrs later, it was firmer but still softer than I personally like. Because of this, I would probably freeze it overnight to ensure a really firm consistency. But then it's all down to personal preference isn't it. My personal preference would be to have this coffee icecream for breakfast, lunch and dinner ....... Seriously though, the ice cream maker is a fantastic buy, at a fantastic price, and was a rather delicious birthday present for me! BUY BUY BUY

 ♦ ♦ ♦

I have previously worked with two other ice cream machines, which were awkwardly large, hard to clean or complicated to set up.

This ice cream maker is nothing like them: it makes the job of making delicious desserts surprisingly easy: it requires little preparation other than chilling the bowl and preparing the ice cream mix itself (which usually takes 5-15 minutes if you're not feeling too fancy), it is easily dismountable into smaller parts you can fit into a dishwasher without any concern whatsoever. I find it perfect to make a quick desert for unexpected guests.

The suggested recipes are easy to cook, surprisingly good and with consistent results, allowing newbies to make delicious ice cream right from the start. The machine also performs well with other recipes but you must be careful with the mixing time: recipes with many egg yolks tend to become ready in less time and may stress the machine if you leave it unattended. Adding a splash of spirits (rum, whisky, vodka) will make your job even easier.

A slight downside: its 1.45 liter bowl will require a considerable amount of space available in your freezer in order to chill it. The mixing bowl has a metallic coating may become scratched if you are not careful. I suggest removing the ice cream from the mixing bowl with a spoon heated in hot water.

If you can afford it (in both money and freezer room), buying an extra bowl for this ice cream machine may bring you an improved experience when cooking for guests.