Textoline Reclining Garden Chair


  • Weather proof text line seat, back and pillow
  • Powder coated steel frame
  • It is incredibly comfortable, durable and folds down flat for easy storage
  • Easy locking mechanism
  • Approximate open size: 178cm by 65cm by 112cm

The Good

  • The chair can be locked in any position and the headrest cushion can be moved higher or lower as required.
  • Good build quality for the price.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Lightweight and easy to move around.

The Bad

  • Customers report that "Bargain Warehouse" customer service is nothing short of arrogant. They blame the customer and don't honour guarantees.

Customer Comments

Arrived very quickly from Vinsani, the sellers. The cardboard box looked rather battered with loose tape etc and
I opened it with a degree of trepidation. However all was intact and undamaged. A sheet of basic pictorial instructions are included but it took me a few moments to work out what the two plastic rings under the armrests were for. I presumed thet were some sort of
locking mechanism but was hesitant to apply too much pressure in case they broke. A lot of other reviews had
mentioned faulty broken locking mechanisms with teeth. They cannot be referring to this model which is labelled
as the BB-FC114G on the box.

Eventually sorted out the locking mechanism which is simple and effective.
One has to pull the rings firmly down towards the ground which wedges the sliding mechanism preventing movement.
In my book, simple is good, less chance of things going wrong. The chair can be locked in any position and the headrest cushion can be moved higher or lower as required.
The end of the armrests is widened and rounded which is a good idea as one can apply additional pressure here
to help change position. It is comfortable on the hand and provides some grip.
All in all it looks like a well constructed product for the price and is comfortable but only time will tell so will update in the future. My chair has a black breathable fabric and a grey tubular frame.

♦ ♦ ♦
I am a large lady so I wanted a nice big sturdy chair. This one is perfect, it is big and very strong but still folds up quite small and is easy to use.
♦ ♦ ♦
Very comfortable chairs only small problem the device for locking the chair into your chosen recline position is a little flimsy and easily slips out of place. Having said that, the same product was available at our local garden center for double the cost so from Amazon, we feel it is excellent value for money and have recommended it to several friends who have subsequently made purchases.