Toshiba SD1015KB DVD Player


  • DVD player.
  • Jpeg playback

The Good

  • Looks great, slim and sleek design.
  • Easily converted to multi region.
  • Very good value for money.

The Bad

  • Does not include SCART or HDMI leads.
  • Lacks a proper "pick up where you left off" memory function.
  • No volume control button on the remote control.


Customer Comments

Good looking slim and compact player, plug in and ready to go instantly. It can be made region free by the following steps:

1) Turn on the dvd player
2) Press the eject/stop button on the dvd player (not the remote) to open the tray, and leave it open!
3) On the remote press 98790 (if done right, a message will appear stating that region has been changed to 0)
4) Done

Worked first time for me and plays all my USA region 1 dvd.

♦ ♦ ♦

After my old DVD stopped working (with some help from my little daughter) I was in the market for another one. I wanted something cheap as we only really use a DVD player for various children's DVDs and I was concerned that it might receive similar punishment to the last one. This was cheap, it works, and can be easily made region-free, but I would not recommend it for anyone who has children, because it lacks a proper "pick up where you left off" memory function. So every time the DVD player is switched off, you have to go through the whole 5-minute "CopyRight Warning / DVD production company video / little Peppa Pig intro song / etc. etc." again before you can get back to the menu; or if half-way through a film, you have to get back to the same place. Since we rarely if ever watch an entire DVD in one sitting, this is a major pain - though I'm sure for those who just put in a DVD to watch it the whole way through, it would not be such an issue. It is also extremely noisy when you first put a DVD in.

♦ ♦ ♦

This would be an impressive enough DVD player anyway, given the look, quality and price of it. But the added bonus of being able to bypass all that spitefully inconvenient region coding nonsense with the hack which has been so thoughtfully provided by 'Gary' makes it even more versatile. You just type in that code once (in my case, as soon as the thing was plugged in, after only the very briefest of introductions) and the machine, realising you have outwitted it, declares itself to be 'Region 0' without any further fight whatsoever.

This is slim and it is sleek. Despite the fact that I am hurtling rather reluctantly towards middle age, I have no problems with reading the buttons on the remote control (that remote control takes 2 AAA batteries by the way, which are included). The DVD player comes with no leads, but I daresay everybody's got a SCART cable in the back of a cupboard somewhere. There is also the option to use something called a 'composite video jack' (or 'CVBS') - whatever that might be. Sensing I was out of my depth even by learning of its apparent existence, I decided to stick to my SCART lead, which I simply plugged in to the back of it and that was that.

You will need the remote control in order to explore the vast majority of what this machine can do. There is no volume control on it either, so you might need to sit there armed with the TV remote as well.