Minky Retractable Outdoor Clothes Line, 30m


  • Easy to install
  • Supplied with fixings
  • 30m drying space
  • Extendable lines
  • Detachable bracket

The Good

  • Well designed, neat and tidy.
  • Very easy to retract when its not needed.
  • Easy to install.

The Bad

  • The plastic eyes on end of lines, to attach to wall hooks are weak and have snapped for some customers.

Customer Comments

We've had one in frequent use for about 18 months, really good value and works well.
But sooner or later the blue plastic clips will break, I think that they should be stronger, definitely the weak point and spoils an otherwise good product.
I repaired mine with a 4x40mm carbine clip (about 90p) from the local hardware store, functional but not elegant.
It appears that the Vileda Cordomatic (shown as currently unavailable on Amazon) may have metal clips, but I have no experience of that product.

♦ ♦ ♦
Really pleased with this product. Was easy enough to put up (by my other half) and is now really sturdy. To start with I wasn't sure the lines looked that strong, but actually they have had some huge loads and a toddler hanging off the clothes and they are fine. I have not had a problem with the lines unhooking themselves from the tabs, I just hook them round a couple of times and they are not going anywhere. Maybe its the way we are hooking though. I pull some excess from the reel and then use that to hook it round and let it take up the slack again, so any pull on the already extended line just tightens it further. I also like the fact that when the washing is dry is just winds back into the unit rather than having a line or rotary airer always there.
♦ ♦ ♦
I can't dissagree more with the 1 star ratings, I am using this line - both of the 15M lengths are extracted about 12m and 13m respectively.

I have had more than a fair amount of washing on each line, including duvets and heavy clothes items, and the line does dip a little but has never snapped, drooped, doropped or come lose. I am also not helping the line up with any proping tools, the line is free and only held up by the 4 screws that hold the main unit and each of the hooks for the retractable fixing. I have each line wrapped around the plastic retensions only once each.

For those that have had issues, have you tried contacting Minky and seeing if they have a return/replace policy, i am pretty sure they would be more than happy to help.

For those interested in this though i would recommend it and i would buy again if i needed to, perhaps as an additional line.

For the person who had issues with duvets, have you tried using both lines to hold the duvet, have them slightly apart and put the duvet over both to help support the weight? I dont know what size duvet you are referring to but this would certainly help.

My lines are about 12" - 16" apart (from the unit to the other end where the hooks are) so throwing heavier items over the 2 would help balance any weight issues.