LG BP325 3D Slim Smart Blu-ray Player


  • 3D Blu ray Disc playback
  • Space saving compact size (270mm)
  • External HDD Playback
  • LG Smart - Connect to the internet via the in-built Ethernet port and you'll have access to Picasa, YouTube and AccuWeather apps.

The Good

  • Excellent built in MediaPlayer.
  • Exceptional price for the features it includes.
  • Scrolling titles ensure full info is easily viewed.
  • The remote also offers basic TV functions for an LG TV.
  • Very neat compact design.
  • Plug and play setup.
  • HDMI connectivity.
  • USB connectivity on the front.
  • Fast operation.
  • Lan connection at the rear.
  • 3D playback capability.
  • Impressive image quality.

The Bad

  • No HDMI cable supplied.


Customer Comments

Am very impressed at the value offered by this machine. The media player is very good, playing mkv files of any size and definition up to HD with no problem, the auto shutdown, optional, ensures the usb connected drive is switched off after a preset time. The scrolling titles ensure full info is available for music tracks, not truncated like most media players.
There is a good menu choice with many options available and this is the first media player I have used which gives chapter information and allows 'jumping forward' using chapters or the menu timer with mkv files. The remote also offers basic TV functions for an LG TV.
Most decent media players cost more than this combined blu-ray, dvd and media player, at around £50 it is excellent value for money.

♦ ♦ ♦

First let me make it clear that I'm watching Blu-ray disks from this player via an HDMI-to-Composite converter Brand New HDMI/DVI 1080P to AV/CVBS Composite Mini Converter Support PAL/NTSC as my TV doesn't support HDMI because it's several years old.

That said, the quality of Blu-ray disks is obviously better than standard DVDs even on my set up, although standard DVDs are also rendered really well (and Which? said as much too). In fact, the quality even through the HDMI converter is better than the SCART cable quality from my Freeview player.

So, let's get onto my experiences with this player.

What's to like?

Small. Tiny, even. Easily fits into the same space vacated by my old DVD player. Very slim (height-wise too), even better than the outgoing, slim, compact DVD player.

Quiet. Except for when it's loading disks or skipping chapters/scenes when you can hear the zip-zip noise as the head is moved to the new position. Absolutely not a problem and in normal use I couldn't hear it working not even in the quiet places of the film.

Fast-ish loading of disks. I never viewed this as a problem but I notice several manufacturers highlight the fact that their greatest offerings loads Blu-ray disks before you can get back to the couch. Well, I tried to time this one and it took about 10 seconds from me closing the tray to being able to see something on-screen (ie the 'Don't copy this DVD' warning). Perfectly acceptable.