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Motorola Moto G 5-Inch (2nd Gen UK Stock) Dual Sim 8GB SIM-Free Smartphone XT1068


  • With the sharpest display in its class and stereo sound, all of your photos music and videos look and sound their best in brilliant 5" HD.
  • Power through you day with the all-day battery. Never worry aboutstopping to charge.
  • Listen to music while uploading your latest pictures. Quickly switch from playing a game to texting. With a quad-core processor, Moto G multitasks as easily as you do.
  • Moto G is powered by Android 4.4, KitKat. And with a guaranteed upgrade, now you are up to date with the best Android experience.
  • Personalize your new Moto G with Motorola Shells -the interchangeable backs let you express your style.

The Good

  • Great sound quality from the front speakers.
  • Rubberised back helps prevent damage.
  • Gorilla glass 3 screen is super tough and resistant to scratching.

The Bad

  • None!

Customer Comments

Motorola have listened to customers and implemented certain features which were missing from the now 7 month old Motorola Moto G DUAL SIM 8GB :
○ Micro SD card support
○ Dual front facing stereo speakers
○ Better front and rear cameras
○ 5" display

Similarities: (5" model called 2nd generation or XT1068 whilst previous model is the XT1033)
Both sport the same processor, 1GB RAM, non removable 2070mAh battery and 720 x 1280 display (albeit larger). Weighing 149g, it is a mere 6 grams more than its 4.5" predecessor.

○ The cameras are a much welcome improvement: 8MP rear and 2MP front vs the 5MP / 1.3MP. Photos and videos look much better
○ Supports micro SD storage. Another key factor for me
○ Front firing stereo speakers offer beefier and better sound quality, yet not as loud as the older version
○ 5" screen is not as bright and sharp as the 4.5" one. At 720 x 1280, the new version has 294ppi vs 329ppi. That said it still is very readable in direct sunlight.
○ Battery life is still very good, yet it is understandably marginally better on the 4.5" model.

Considerations and Conclusion:
○ The 5 inch display means that the phone is no longer so "portable". And whilst I could easily slip my older Moto G into virtually any pocket, the same cannot be said of the Moto G 2nd Gen. Half an inch might not sound much yet people with smaller hands might find it hard to navigate through the phone single handed.
○ I would have liked to see a larger replaceable battery, more RAM and a 4G option even if it understandably meant a higher premium.

Motorola continues to offer such incredible value phones, and this latest phone is no exception. It offers a great user interface and is a joy to use.

I have no doubt that many will buy this phone, yet I wanted to share my experience in the hope that you could make the right decision on which phone to go for.

♦ ♦ ♦

My iPhone 4 had outgrown it's upgradeability and finances wouldn't allow me to get a newer iPhone let alone an iPhone 6, so I decided to look at Android. I also own an iPad Air and a Macbook so having Apple and Android products side by side seemed like it may prove tricky.

Well a week in to this "experiment" I can honestly say that Android has far exceeded my expectations, the Moto G is a gorgeous phone, great screen, fast to load apps and it does everything and more than my iPhone did.

I've had some great photos off of it and it will last all day out cycling with Strava on, which are my two key uses for it.

The OS interface is quick to learn and will be even slicker when the guaranteed Lollipop upgrade appears.

Running the phone on a GiffGaff sim makes for super cheap phone ownership and running costs.

I'm almost tempted to sell my iPad Air and get a Tesco HUDL2 so my portable devices are both Android.

A definite convert here to both Android and the lovely Moto G 2014

♦ ♦ ♦

This is the smartphone bargain of the year. Very similar in appearance and performance to NEXUS 5, which itself is good value, for half the price. The phone is nicely compact and slim despite the 5" screen which is very sharp (effectively retina). No need for a case as it has gorilla glass 3 and rubberised back, no delicate aluminium to get dented and scratched. Don't bother with a screen protector - watch Youtube key scratch videos to see how tough the glass is. Just bear in mind that 3rd party apps can't write to the SD card until the android lollipop update arrives. You can store your pics vids and music on it no problem tho. Current OS is kitkat 4.4.4. Virtually no crapware unlike LG and Samsung so plenty of room left on built in 8 Gb memory. It runs smoother than my galaxy note 2. Battery life is just fine. Even the camera is not bad and has a flash. No 4g but so what, 3g still way faster than my home broadband and means the phone company sucks money from me slower. Dual sim is awesome bonus for added convenience when travelling, drug dealing or having multiple partners.