Kärcher WV60 Window Vac - Window Cleaning Vacuum Kit


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Fast and efficient cleaning and drying of windows
  • Streak-free cleaning results
  • No drips of dirty water thanks to powerful vacuum
  • Cleans 45-60m² of window area per charge
  • Comes with a two-year guarantee

The Good

  • Good ergonomics, easy to handle.
  • Small suction nozzle included for smaller windows.
  • Simple to use and very effective.
  • Great for cleaning up spills.
  • Takes the work out of cleaning windows.
  • Simple setup.

The Bad

  • Battery life is short but sufficient to clean your windows.
  • Difficult to use in confined spaces.
  • Some customers complain that it leaves streaks.


Customer Comments

This Karcher WV60 Window Vac has lived up to expectations in producing sparkling clean windows. In the WV60 outfit you get the Window Vac, two nozzles - a "normal" 280mm nozzle plus a narrower 170mm version for windows with small panes, a charger, spray bottle and cloth, a sample of Karcher Cleaning solution (20ml), plus, a user guide and warranty. The actual Window Vac is the same model whether you buy WV50,60 or 70 kit - it's just the accessories included which differ.

The unit weighs about .7Kg so is easy to handle and the only control to worry about is the on and off switch. The ergonomics of the unit are good - it is easy to hold and the on/off switch is conveniently located. In practical terms a 2 hour charge is more than sufficient to do a 4 bedroom "new build" detached house and more and this includes large patio windows. The unit effectively vacuums off the window cleaning solution and this collects in the ample reservoir which is easy to empty.

I note some people have said that the unit suddenly stops when the battery is exhausted, well, there is a charge indicator but it isn't incremental like a car's fuel gauge, so yes, the unit could suddenly run out of charge. However, unless you are cleaning windows all the time, then it makes sense to charge the unit before you use it even if you think it is part charged. If the battery was more capacious it would make the unit heavier, more expensive and probably take longer to charge.

I've experimented with a number of different cleaning solutions and, in my opinion, the Karcher Concentrate is the best - it may not be the cheapest per ml but you need only use it very sparingly.

Overall, this is a very effective product which works well. Recommended.

♦ ♦ ♦

So you're thinking about buying a Window Vac ?, the trendy must have that practically everyone rants and raves about, you've probably read many reviews, all of which say how wonderful the device is, do you want an in-depth and honest review from someone who says exactly as it is, if so read on, if not look elsewhere.

Way back in March 2013 I got the bug and felt the urge to buy a window vac, a year on what do I really think (to be honest my opinion is exactly as it was in March 2013, in simple terms it's ok, but not the wonder device people harp on about)

Price wise the Window vac is usually just below £60 on Amazon, which is generally cheaper than in the shops.

Despite what Karcher may say essentially the window vac could easily be described as dustbuster with a squeegee attached, sucking up dirty water. It's a pretty good, well designed device, that is very easy to use, and because it is very lightweight practically anybody can use it. The WV60 bundle comprises the vac, a normal sized squeegee head, a one shot amount of concentrate, a spray bottle with large head (with terry bibs), a very good smaller squeegee blade, which is great for smaller windows etc and the instructions.

To clean windows etc; squirt & wipe with the spray bottle & oversized head & then vacuum, either from top to bottom or from side to side, and then once all done empty out all the dirty water thru the small pouring hole, it's that simple,

Battery life is 20 minutes (as stated in the manual) and it takes around 2-3 hours to charge it, once charged and in use it does sound exactly like a dust buster.

The good;
With the aid of a cloth, ok on windows, mirrors, for condensation, tiles (although water runs down grout channel), and any flat smooth reflective surface/work tops, if you hate cleaning windows and very rarely do clean windows then I can highly recommend the cleaner to you, as it does clean windows pretty quickly, with very little fuss and effort.

There is one other thing that the Window vac is capable of and yet very few mention, clearing up liquid spillages; I knocked over a full glass of soft drink on a short pile carpet, I experimented with the window vac, (it is a wet vac after all) and to it's credit it sucked up a lot of the drink, making it easier to mop up. So a spillage on a smooth surface should be no problem :-).

The bad;
Imho the on/off button is way too easy to press (often turning it off when you don't want it off).
The instructions are very Poor and you'll notice how few mention them.
The oversized head unit is cumbersome and useless in corners etc, watch any sale's pitch and you'll notice they prefer to use a cloth.
The supplied concentrate won't last long and more costs a lot.

Battery life is poor, for a quick one window job it's fine, but anything else and you'll have to be quick, I have yet to do all the windows in my 2 bedroom house without a recharge, even worse the window vac suddenly dies so you could be half way thru doing a window.

Smears, stains, dried water marks, yes I know hundreds say it leave crystal clear windows, however there has never been an occasion where a cloth hasn't been needed to clean up the mess/marks that the window vac leaves, especially around edges and corners, regardless of what solution you use or how much.

I ask those who do regularly clean windows; how have you managed so far and is a £60 window vac truly the answer?.

Conclusion; I've given it 3 stars, so it's not a poor device, however you'll notice from the comments below that my honest and frank approach to reviews has hit a raw nerve with some people, and because of abusive comments I no longer read / or respond to them, I'm not saying don't get a window vac, I'm saying don't expect the wonder device you'd heard/read about - have an open mind, after all how many 4 and 5 star reviewers moan about or mention battery life & smears, and how many actually go into any real depth ;-), try for yourself, the chances are you'll like it but if not, you'd have wasted £60 on something that can be done quicker and for a lot cheaper.