Triton 5 Position Showerhead


  • Chrome Five Pattern Showerhead
  • Turn and click pattern selector
  • rub clean shower nozzles
  • Suitable for electric, mixer and power showers
  • 1-year Guarantee

The Good

  • Excellent product for low water pressures.
  • Significantly increases the water flow.
  • Easy to clean limescale buildup.
  • 5 different settings for a good range of sprays.

The Bad

  • None.

 Customer Comments

This large, chrome effect shower head allows a faster water flow. Although designed to work on different shower systems it is an ideal choice for those with poor water pressures. We have a manual mixer that is gravity fed from a cold water cistern and a hot water cylinder, and this head has really given us a worthwhile improvement. If however, like our sons, your shower is fed by a combi boiler from the rising mains, or a power shower you may find this shower head to be a bit overwhelming, or giving a wider spray. There are different sized "Flow regulaters" available for this model which need to be ordered, but I doubt that many people would need one.

♦ ♦ ♦

Being plastic the chrome effect finish will be more susceptible to scuffing, but it should discourage lime scale build up on the inside, and being able to remove the faceplate for cleaning is an added bonus. Our showerhead is 9 months old now, has had plenty of use, and looks and performs as well as when it was new.
Included in the box is a plastic key enabling you to remove the sprayplate at any time for cleaning, (I have only used this once in 9 months). There is also a simple, but really excellent instruction leaflet, which I was quite impressed with! (other manufacturers take note). This shows you very clearly how to remove the front plate for cleaning, which is very quick and easy to do. When reassembling after cleaning, ensure that the bezel is sitting on its locating tags, and that the 3 "o" rings are in place. This is very clearly shown in the instructions.