Garmin nuvi 50 LM - 5 Inch Sat Nav With Western Europe Maps & Lifetime Map Updates


  • Easy to use, widescreen 5" touchscreen sat nav.
  • Preloaded street maps for the UK, Ireland and Western Europe (24 countries).
  • Free Lifetime Map Updates ensure you drive with the latest road and Points of Interest information.
  • Junction view displays an image of the upcoming junction to show the correct lane to be in.
  • Lane Assist shows you which lane to be in for approaching turns and exits.

The Good

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • The price on the Nuvi 50 is hard to beat right now. It's not the most feature packed GPS you
    will ever buy, but it gets the job done for modest outlay.
  • Decent 5" touchscreen, fairly clear and bright.
    It has a micro SD slot so can be upgraded with larger map areas.
  • It has speed camera alerts.
  • Street name and postal code search, as well as GPS coordinates
  • Points of interest database (shops, hotels, fuel stations, local attractions etc)
  • It has the lane assist dual screen display (handy for motorway driving)

The Bad

  • No traffic trends, from historical data for traffic (time of day etc), helps avoid heavy congestion roads.
  • There is no "eco route" option. This allows you to pick the most fuel efficient route.
  • Not compatible with the FM traffic updates, even if you have the cable for it, the Nuvi 50 doesn't support it.
  • No bluetooth (useful for hands free phone calls).
  • No journey trip planner (this can be useful for longer extended multi waypoint trips).

 Customer Comments

I have upgraded from several Nuvis, including the Nuvi which is replaced by this one, the Nuvi 2460LT, and I am much happier with this latest Nuvi. And here's why:

Near instant re-routing when a wrong turn is taken - I have owned 4 other Nuvi's in my time, and I have never seen such fast re-routing, if I should take a wrong turn or attempt to vary my route when driving. Within two seconds this 2595LMT will recalculate a new route. This is most impressive, and shows that the processor in this and/or its coding is far superior to that used in previous models.

Lifetime Map updates - I am very happy with the way maps are updated on my Windows 7. My ISP does not use any form of "bandwidth shaping" or "protocol management" and so I am able to download and install entire maps from Garmin's servers in well under an hour. Others may not be aware that their ISP is to blame for any slowness in updating maps, and if so, I would strongly advise that you change your ISP to one that provides a 'clean connection' for your money, and you too will have no lengthy delays in updating maps from Garmin's servers. Any ISP that promises that they manage bandwidth for the majority of their users should be avoided as that simply means that they have under-invested in network capacity and must make up for such by slowing down how their customers use the internet!

Does this Garmin bring me down dodgy laneways etc.? No! I am in central London and so far, I have been pleased enough with its routing. Of course, it is no match for personal knowledge of short-cuts. But that would, I would argue, be expecting too much in a city of the size of London - never mind the fact that full European mapping is included. For this is a machine and must be given credit for bringing me on a relatively straightforward routing whenever I've called upon it to take me across London.

The Lifetime map upgrades are supported by advertising - is it intrusive? Not at all. And I absolutely abhor ads with a passion (when I was younger I tried to get into advertising, but apparently I was... 'not wanted', and so I've hated everything that advertising stands for with a passion ever since!). Trust me I really do hate ads, but the occasional ads which appear are tiny and barely noticeable, nor any distraction whatsoever. So full marks to Garmin for being sensitive as to drivers' needs when it came to how they would subsidise lifetime map updates. So far so good.

Does the Voice Control work well? Yes, I have had no difficulties using it. Although it is slightly different to the way it worked in the former Nuvi (which I had to return because it switched itself off occasionally when Voice was used). Before you had to speak the Town, then the street, then the house number, and then it would present a list of options which you could call out. In this latest Nuvi, you speak your destination all in one go and it would then attempt to calculate what you meant. More often than not, what I said would appear within the first four options which it returned as possibilities, and so I have been pretty happy so far with how it has worked. I will certainly use voice more and more for safety reasons in particular, as it is a very good reason to upgrade from another sat-nav - provided that you speak reasonably clearly. I would imagine that it would perform less well with muffled voices and strong accents.

I have had no problems with its mounting nor any aspect of this unit's performance. Nonetheless, thank you for your interest in my review, and I will be very happy, for the moment, to answer anyone's queries in the comments section below. Meanwhile, I would highly recommend this Nuvi over the four previous Nuvi's and one Tom Tom I've used.

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