Russell Hobbs 18980 Desire 3-in-1 Hand Blender



  • 400W at max load (300w rated)
  • 2 speeds
  • Detachable stainless steel shaft with stainless steel blade
  • 0.5L capacity beaker
  • 0.5L capacity chopping attachment with stainless steel blade
  • Additional whisk attachment
  • Matt black with red accents

The Good

  • Good solid build quality.
  • Stylish design.
  • Very useful and versatile.

The Bad

  • Not so good for large quantities.
  • Maybe a little bit heavy for some users.

Customer Comments

 At first glance - just a blender, but, as in the product name, it does more than you would think, through clever design and exploitation of what can be achieved with a large handle and electric motor, with attachments. It could easily replace bigger and more complicated devices, is well made of high quality materials and easy to take to bits and clean. It looks good too. Highly recommended for the minimalist cook who wants a basic but versatile and capable labour saving device.

♦ ♦ ♦

I had my old Breville 3-in-1 set for almost two years, and it was still going like a little trooper, until yet another bout of chronic random stupidity hit me and I overfilled the mini chopper with biscuits (for the birds) one day and then couldn't get the lid off, so banged it forcefully on the table and managed to break the mechanism.

The replacement set is being treated with the respect it deserves. I love the new red colour - very dapper and easily cleaned, and it's every bit as sturdy and useful as its predecessor. It's one of the few gadgets in the kitchen that actually earns its (small) surface space. This one doesn't get pushed to the back of a dusty cupboard with the pasta maker, ice cream maker, oversized pestle/mortar, sushi making kit and assorted other sounds-good-but-not-worth-the-hassle detritus. Nope, this little beauty earns its keep and I use it most days. The blender attachment is remarkably effective for such a petite gizmo and makes quick work even of the biggest pot of soup. The plastic blender pot is handy for storage and whipping up smoothies, and the beauty of the whisk attachment is that it's almost impossible to over-whisk cream with it because you're fully in control of the speed and it's not as frenetic as most hand whisks. I find that it's fantastic for making up a super quick batch of delicious homemade mayo - you don't have to go as slowly as they say, just use a pint sized pyrex jug, buck in an egg yolk, spoon of dijon, bit of honey, Worcester and your chosen seasonings/herbs, then drizzle in your oil while whisking. When it's thick enough, add a spoon or so of lemon juice/white wine vinegar to taste, and you've got gorgeous mayo, all done in about 3 minutes. The shape of the whisk attachment and its speed just seems to work really well for mayo, especially in a jug where it can combine everything quickly.

The mini chopper is probably the best part, though. Nuts, breadcrumbs, herbs, smaller quantities of pastry, even mince for meatballs - it's got it all covered. And provided you're not as daft as me and subject it to bangs or bashing, there's no reason why it shouldn't be a faithful kitchen companion for a good few years.